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Top 5 Console Startup screens

Playing video games is great and while playing older games does give me a great feeling of nostalgia, nothing transports me back to that time in my life than the consoles startup screen.  Games come and go during the consoles life but the one thing that never changes is the startup screen.  With us everyday when we turn it on, regardless of what games were playing it's always the same.  So these are my top 5 memorable startup screens.


Original Xbox (released 2001)


Sega Saturn (released 1995)


Sony PSP (released 2005)


Sega Genesis (released 1989)


Sony Playstation 1 (released 1994)

Honorable Mentions

NEO GEO (released 1990)

Nintendo Gamecube (released 2001)

I did not include the PS3 & Xbox 360 because those consoles are still current.

Any startup screens that really make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?
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