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Mission Complete

A while back I posted a thread in the forum asking you guys what I should put in me painting. Well, it's finally done. Here's some background info on it. Near the end of April, my art class was given its final assignment. And my friend came to me with a suggestion to do a "collaboration" piece. I was okay with it so off we went. We made some concept sketches before we actually painted. The first half of the month we didnt do shit, mainly because I didnt want my partner to paint anything (he's not very good at painting, not that I'm good either). The things he painted were the face piece, the clouds and the hair, yet I still had to clean up some of them. A week before it was due, I started putting in the details. This is the part that took longer than I expected. Every time I finished a section, I get a new idea, so that made things worse for me. I worked non-stop that week to try to finish it. I finished the last piece, the PSP, on the morning of the due date. That thing alone cost 5 hours. It was hell, but it was worth it.

I'm pretty sure all of you can find all the reference I put in the painting. I think I'm gonna call it "A time to kill". (Haven't name it yet, so if you guys want to suggest some names, please do.) Anyway, this painting is for all the gamers out there. Enjoy. BTW, this was supposed to be on Art Attack Friday, but I fell asleep and couldn't send it to Hamsa sooner. Maybe he'll put it up next week.

(Thanks to Wolfbeta for taking the high-res photos)

1400x679 pixels
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