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The Best Zombie Flash Games


Zombie flash games are extremely popular nowadays because they are very interesting and there are a lot of different games of this type. Even better, they are fun to play and they increase the imagination and the hand coordination. As we know they are simple, so there are no annoying rules and anything else that may affect the gaming experience. However, some games are better than the others, so if you like this type of games, you should pay attention to the best ones. Here are they, so you can start playing them as soon as possible.

Boxhead 3

This is the third part of the same game, so you can imagine how good it is. In general, this game offers combat versus zombies in different rooms. There are obstacles and not all the rooms are the same, which makes gameplay harder and more appealing. The best part of this game is the amount of zombies that will attack you. There are thousands of them. The game supports two players and it is more popular than other games of this type. Right now, it has the highest ratings among similar games.

The last stand 2

This is another game of this type that is very popular at this moment. In general, you are able to arm survivors, set traps and shot the zombies. Setting traps is definitely the most interesting feature in the game and it also makes it a bit more unique than conventional games of this genre. The main goal is to arm as many survivors as possible and to get their help in the fight.

Silent Hill Room 304

Silent Hill Room 304 may be a simple 2D game, but it will occupy a lot of your time. All you need to do is to shoot all the zombies that come towards you. However, there are different types of zombies and they come in different ways. All of this suggest that you must play for quite some time in order to master this game.

Zombie Horde 3

This game is stressful, simply because it puts you in a stressful situation. You will be placed in a city that is conquered by zombies. Your only mission is to kill as many zombies as you can and escape the city. Maybe it sounds easy, but it is not. The best advantage of this game is the fact you will have 2 weapons, a primary and secondary. Keep in mind to reload on time, in order to eliminate the zombies before they reach you.

Land of the dead

You will have to look for zombies and to shoot them. It is more complicated than it sounds, but it is also more interesting as well. Graphics and sceneries are interesting as well and they are the most important advantages of the game. Your best friend will be a gun and it is something that can save you from hundreds of enemies. The location is set in dark and dangerous locations, so this is a scary game.

Try the zombie games above and let me know your personal opinion in the comments!

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