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Top 5 MAME Games of All Time

First things first. What MAME stands for? It stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator and it is basically a software that allows you to play the old, retro games from arcades on your computer. Now we want to share which games are th...


New And Popular Star Wars Games

Since my last post about zombie games got some likes and comments decided to make a similar post this time related to my fav movie Star Wars. I am new to blogging, sorry if my posts are bad, but thing is you have to start from somewher...


The Best Zombie Flash Games

Zombie flash games are extremely popular nowadays because they are very interesting and there are a lot of different games of this type. Even better, they are fun to play and they increase the imagination and the hand coordination. As ...


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I am young coder and web designer working for the RL Designs Company. In my free time i like to blog, so i am contributor and editor at Gamasutra and GiantBomb. By the websites you can see that my main aim is the gaming industry, i am an old fa* gamer and also coding small android or flash games at my free time which will be published at my blog.