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Critical darling, commercial flop: last gen

When there's a discussion about the best XBox games that nobody bought, the go-to game is Psychonauts. Beyond Good and Evil holds a similar place in the pantheon of Cube games. What's the most notorious critical darling / commercial flop...


Actually, I don't want to reserve a game

A lot of conversations in life are scripted. This isn't always a bad thing. When you're interacting with a group of strangers or acquaintances, it can be nice to stick to familiar territory. But some scripts aren't very pleasant. Take, pe...


Quitting cold turkey vol. 2: Epic struggle

Last time I wrote about the phenomenon of quitting a game right before the end, never to play again. This time, I'm interested in why people (read: me) suddenly quit games smack dab in the middle. One day you just quit Final Fantasy III li...


Quitting cold turkey vol. 1: End-boss Apathy

So there I was, wasting hours of my life on Pokemon Pearl (17 of them, if the in-game reading is to be believed -- frankly, I have my doubts) in two- or three-hour chunks. I saved, quit, and went to bed. That was two weeks ago, and I haven...


Summa cum laude

So I guess today's big news is Summa's departure from Dtoid. Since he -- and his not-entirely-voluntary-departure from one of those other blogs -- was the reason I found Dtoid in the first place, I thought I'd reflect on the same videogames...


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