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MGS Podtoid: I too am not a voice actor but I play one on TV

Free stuff. It's great. Especially when you don't pay for it.

To catch you up, Reverend Anthony is giving away the Metal Gear Solid Essential Collection for saying something mean to Chad [link].

So basically, if you're the type of person who doesn't mind kicking a puppy riding a dolphin with a rainbow prosthetic tail, you'll have no problem entering this contest, which ends soon (?). Here are my entries; feel free to mock them as I lace up my puppy cleats.


Snake has a message from DARPA.

Psycho Mantis doesn't like Wii friend codes.

Just imagine Michael Winslow doing them. It makes the pain go away.

My undying thanks and love to itemforty for graciously providing his internets when mine made me go sleep on the couch.
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