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Impressions: Playstation Home

Some quick first thoughts on PlayStation Home, almost completely in boring text:

- I was prepared to hate it, but it's not bad. Not great, but it has some potential.

- Load times aren't as bad as I was led to believe.

- The character creator suffers from Sims-itis, which causes any character you create to vaguely resemble Peter Weller.

- TTHI (Time To Homophobic Insult): 20 seconds. By some kid with a user name based on Red Bull. I'm so glad BrAwNdo0869 didn't weigh in on my sexuality.

- They're going to have to figure out how to allow voice communication with friends only. Right now you can "call" your friends, but I essentially want everyone muted who I don't know. Sounds like a community of people moaning through damp paper towel tubes.

- Why are games unplayable when occupied by someone else in the arcade and bowling alley? That's just stupid. Online should be better than real life when it comes to waiting in line.

- On that note, just as in real life, don't talk to me when I'm playing a rousing game of Breakout on a virtual arcade machine. You shouldn't see text bubbles pop up when you are doing something in fullscreen mode, like playing a game or watching a movie.

Verdict: B
A promising start, with no clear reason to spend much time on it now beyond the novelty aspect, but with intriguing possibilities.

And remember: It wouldn't be the internet if we didn't start chiming in with ways to improve software that's 90 minutes old.
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