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Gentle Welcome Hazing for Destructoid's Newest Editor: Video (of Him) Inside

Congratulations for making it to the exalted editorial perch on Destructoid Mountain, Jonathan Holmes a.k.a. Tron Knotts. We've seen you around this site and other internets, so a brief hazing is definitely in order.

At this point, most people will have deduced that you appeared on Road Rules 5: Northern Trail using the uninspired pseudonym "Jon Holmes". I understand how your unique birth name, Tron Knotts, may have been a source of difficulty in life. May we one day inhabit a more tolerant society.

Jon's stint led to the creation of such geocities-quality fanpages as this one:

Road Rules 5: Northern Trail will forever live on in our hearts.

But you all can google that show on your own. I'd like to show you a different production that stars our newest editor. One that is moving and profound in many ways. At least six.

I present to you Jonny's Day Out 2: Baby's Day Out.

I hereby decree: Welcome, Jon.

Bonus Google search tip:

This isn't worth a post by itself. If you want to know about how many blogs you've written, you can either (a) be on the leaderboard, (b) count them in your "all my posts" page, or (c) see how many results you get when you do a Google search for

site:destructoid.com/blogs/[your username]

Don't include the brackets. This tip only gives you an estimate; if you change blog titles after you publish, each title change may be counted (depending on when Google crawled the web).

Title ripped off from one of Tristero's old posts.
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