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Don't Be Old News: How To Tell If Your Cblog Has Already Been Written

Since there seem to be a lot of new bloggers here (welcome!), here's a handy tip to keep you from wasting your time and ours reposting old news. Who really wants a comments section full of "OLD!!"?

Since Destructoid's search feature (powered by Google) doesn't yet include the Community Blogs in its search, we'll stick with the Google website instead. Everything I'm about to show you can be done through Google Advanced Search and also typed directly into the address bar. First, Google Advanced Search.

There are three areas of note: the Find Results: exact phrase field, the Date field, and the Domain field.

The exact phrase and date fields are fairly self-explanatory. Exact phrase works well for game titles and names. The domain field allows you to search only the community blogs, so type in "destructoid.com/blogs" to do so.

That should be enough to do the trick; this is pretty basic, but I hope it helps.

Part 2 is for the slightly more adventuresome. Consider creating a generic Google community blog search and saving it as a bookmark.

Google will search all the community blogs from the past week using the following form:


This works really well if you're searching for one unique search term. How about "Gerstmann"?


You can use it for multiple words as well; just make sure to put a plus sign (+) between each word instead of a space. For example, let's see what our cbloggers have been saying about No More Heroes in the last week:


You'll get a few dozen results, but not all of those are about Suda51's game. You can do an exact phrase search from the address bar by putting quotes around the search term. This is starting to get a little ridiculous, though.

The best strategy is to make a version of the first search and bookmark it. Whenever you reopen your search bookmark, just change the search term in the search box top of the page. Feel free to steal my personal Destructoid community blog search bookmark:


Best of luck in your new -- and original -- blogging endeavors.
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