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Bo Jackson: king of Tecmo Bowl, our hearts

Seeing these old videos reminded me of one of my college roommates, who I think ended up majoring in Tecmo Bowl.

Although he'd probably never been to California, he always played as the Los Angeles Raiders. He claimed it was because of the awesome touchdown graphic depicting a white Bo Jackson. But he wasn't fooling anybody. We all knew Bo was the best.

Bo Jackson: pretty fly for a white guy. Tecmo Bowl, 1989.

It's a good thing my roommate didn't try to pull that crap in Tecmo Super Bowl. Why did Tecmo make Bo Jackson even more imbalanced in the followup? No idea.

You will have no friends and probably be groin-stapled if you ever do this against another player. Tecmo Super Bowl, 1991.

Bo knows Tecmo Bowl. Do you?

[edit] Son of a..... From the Wikipedia entry for Tecmo Bowl: "Tecmo was not able to get the NFL's consent to use real team names. As a result, the teams in the game are identified solely by their home city or state. However, each roster mimics that of the NFL team based out of the same city or state."

Dammit! You mean that wasn't a white Bo Jackson, but perhaps a purely coincidental #34 Bo Jackson? Who knew a simple video post would require research and end in the debunking of my cherished game myth?[/edit]
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