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A PR Question

Are you, like me, sometimes baffled at the PR shenanigans in the games industry? Is there some PR handbook they award to a newly minted PR exec that starts "Chapter One: Your Company Is Infallible"; "Chapter Two: Back-Handed Compliments"; "Chapter Three: Bluffing, or Lying"?

Obviously you don't want your PR guy or gal wandering around, tanking your company's share price with pessimistic, speculative, or erroneous chatter. But a person who can admit a mistake and take responsibility for it is operating from a place of strength, not weakness.

Investors and the gaming public alike want to know that these megalithic corporations are not blind to the flaws that we obsess over. We crave a confirmation of awareness. We want Microsoft to say "Yeah, the red ring of death? It's real, and it's our bad. Sorry we rushed the hardware to market. We'll learn from that mistake." We want Nintendo to say, "Look, guys, about the online -- Miyamoto just learned how to email last year, so we've got a bit of a learning curve. And we really are encouraging developers to make something other than minigames." We want Sony to say -- well, actually, if they just stopped talking altogether, that would be enough.

To be fair, there seems to be a growing trend towards modesty and honesty. Although not according to Nex. It just seems sad that it takes an industry-wide shakeup to remind the executives that consumers are not morons. Communication is good; hype is bad, particularly unfounded hype.

Seriously. Is there any group of people quicker to call "bullshit" than the gamer community? Investors look at numbers, not self-serving blurbs. So try some straight shooting. [flex]And I'll show you the way to the gun show.[/flex]
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