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Hey gang, hopefully by now you've gotten a chance to check out the totally festive-as-shit Destructoid Show Holiday Spectacular, which I hosted yesterday with Jon Carnage.

I thought it turned out pretty well, considering I started writing it the night before we shot it. One of my favorite parts was the list of games that your relatives might get you for Christmas by mistake. I Photoshopped all the covers yesterday afternoon. I'd been up since 4:30 in the morning and was running solely on two cans of Rockstar, and that's why these are so awesome.

(Red Dead Redemption.)
I'm assuming you guys get the reference.

(Mass Effect 2)
I apologize to anyone who is a fan of math or clipart.

(Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit)
When I read the description of this one on the show, we had to reshoot it because everyone in the control room was cracking up.

(Kirby's Epic Yarn)
It was really hard to find a good picture of Furby on Google Images. Probably because back when Furby was popular, 640x480 was considered high resolution.

(Halo: Reach)
Yes, the Halo reacharound joke is played out. However, having my girlfriend walk in on me while I was looking at gay porn, and then trying to explain it to her by saying "it's for work!" is still pretty funny.

Merry Christmas, everybody.
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