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Natural Selection 2 Coming Soon

After ditching the source engine for it's long in development RTS/FPS title, creator Unknown Worlds have finally announced that it will be releasing the sequel to it's original Half-Life mod Naturals selection. The game will be released on ...


Wii game based on bubble wrap.

Trends in Japan is reporting on a soon to be released (in Japan) Wii game called Ouchi de Mugen PuchiPuchi Wii (Infinite Bubble wrap at Home Wii) It's a game based on Mugen Puti Puti (Endless Bubble wrap) that has grown in popularity in Ja...


Is Nintendo getting more liberal?

Famitsu is reporting on a Wii game coming out on the 24th of May in Japan. A rough translation of the title reads: "Sweeping, Cleaning Squadron, Oh I Come!" Judging from Google's translation and the pictures, this will be a Echi (or erotic)...


Burn the rope!

With games being so complicated these days, here's a very simple straight forward game: Burn The Rope Enjoy!


Audiosurf Demo Unlocked

For those who downloaded and played the demo version of Audiosurf, here's a bit of info. After I downloaded it, I fired it up and was disappointed to see it not working. Firstly, some of the buttons were missing. After randomly clicking a...


Adventure Island the anime.

I was listening to Retroforce GO! And they reported on the VC release of Adventure Island. Of course the version I had on my Golden China II console (Chinese knockoff of NES) when I was a kid was called Islander (Apparently bootleg)....


M$ is in ur Flickr looking at ur pics

This TED video from Break.com shows a new Microsoft acquired technology for viewing photos. Remember the post on NextLust about Photosynth? This seems to be the backbone that Photosynth runs on. Imagine hooking Google's Street View onto t...


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