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Rant: What the hell is wrong with GAME?!

Hey guys, sorry for not being on but I've been trying to fight anaemia for a week or so, but it seems that's the least of my worries right now. As you may have noticed, GAME has been in the news recently. A lot. And it seems to be making...


Review: Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver

Well I've spent about a good week and a half trying to complete the Johto region so, here goes my review on one of the most hyped games for the DS ...outside of Mario... Zelda... and Professor Layton. This review may contain spoilers. P...


About Matthew Williamsone of us since 11:12 AM on 03.23.2010

Well I am a 25 year old who has the (un)fortunate Aspbergers disability, a form of Autism. Does it stop me from speaking? no... does it stop me from gaming? hell no.

If anyone wants to contact me on Twitter just send a follow request to Xelviar. I'll be checking this more than my facebook profile so if there's nothing important or it's plainly full of links, I will probably decline the request.

I currently own a PSPgo, a 360 S (250GB), a 3DS, a iPad 2 (64GB Wifi only) and a PS2. Rarely I will go on the GameCube and GBA since I have the complete Zelda collection (except Four Swords Adventures) on GameCube, as well as MGS: Twin Snakes.