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Sniper Elite: 2 steps forward, 3 steps back.

As you may have noticed, there has been a decrease in the amount of World War 2 genre games. With many games now focusing on modern or future warfare, it seems unlikely that we will ever see another first or third person shooter that focuses on the events of the Second World War. Thankfully, Rebellion have answered my call and provided me with its latest instalment of Sniper Elite. The previous instalment, Sniper Elite V2 was and still is a great game to play so I was looking forward to a bit of sniping. However, upon playing this game, I found something really confusing and annoying which has made me question some of the decisions made by the developers and designers that may make the sniper elite series, not so elite.

Pass me my rifleÖ Oh.

The first issue that I found in the game was the choice of weapons that you could use, as well as the weapons used by some of the enemies. When I first started the game, I noticed that there was a new loadout option that allowed you to customize weapons, side arms and explosives that can be used in the campaign, challenges and multiplayer. However, when reaching the sniper rifle section, I noticed that there were only 6 weapons to choose from. The American M1 Garand, the Italian Carcano, The British Enfield, the German Gewehr 43, and the Russian SVT-40 and Mosin Nagant, which came as additional content.
Now, youíre probably wondering why I have an issue with the guns that are featured in this game. Well, for starters, the two Russian rifles that were made into additional content would have never been used during the Africa Campaign due to the simple reason that Russia wasnít even fighting there! But then again, because they are presented as additional content then I guess it can be allowed but then it would leave us with only four rifles!
Secondly, the German Gewehr 43, which was a copy of the Russian SVT-40 would also never have been used by German soldiers during the early stages of the African campaign due to the fact that the rifle didnít enter production until 1943. However, the game is anachronistic due to the fact that this gun is a usable even though the gun didnít enter production till October 1943 and yet the African campaign ended in May 1943.
The final point that can be made is that two of the most iconic and recognisable rifles of the Second World War are ÖÖ wellÖ. there missing and for not good reason. Iíve checked many forums and also checked the Xbox Marketplace but Iím unable to find the American Springfield and the German Kar98. These rifles were extremely popular within the franchise and also feature in popular films such as Enemy at the Gates and Saving Private Ryan. However, Rebellion seems to have ignored these rifles and have not added them to the final product. †Whether its for future DLC or not, it is unclear why these guns never made the cut, even the front cover of the game shows the main protagonist with the Kar98 on his back. †

Overall, it may seem that Iím just being picky and discrediting the work done by the developers and designsers at Rebellion. However, the game is called Sniper Elite, and yet it doesnít have an Elite Choice of rifles to choose from. †Its likey that many people will pick this game up as a preowned game. Excluding the addition content and future DLC, the game only has 4 rifles, which goes against the mantra of a game called Sniper Elite.

Pistol Elite

As you may have heard, Sniper Elite III hasnít been the best iteration of Rebellions well-known franchise. Reports of glitches, abnormal physics and brain dead AI have damaged the franchiseís image as well as its stale plot and dull voice acting. However, I find that the gameplay has taken a strange route from its predecessor and has jumped on the bandwagon of the stealth genre. The previous game, Sniper Elite V2 was a fantastic game, which I played for many hours. Not only for itís slow motion gore porn and the level design but the idea that I am a Sniper, behind enemy lines, assassinating high rank officers and scientists in the dying days of the Third Reich. However, with the game going back in time to Africa and the early stages of the Second World War, rebellion have decided to create a nonsensical plot. The story goes of how our dull protagonist, OSS sniper Karl Fairburne is sent into Africa to assassinate General Franz Vahlen who is planning to build a super tank that will turn the tide of the war. Hmmm, I need to assassinate it him, and Iím an Elite Sniper, guess Iíll use the sniper rifle. Nope.

Instead, we are made to sneak around camps, old ruins and factories for no real purpose besides collecting pieces of paper. Take out targets such as a few soldiers, one tank and barley any snipers. At the end of all of this, we are reward with a weak ending where the main protagonist Karl, shoots Vahlen up close with a pistol. Err; I thought I bought a sniping game, not a World War 2 Genre of Splinter Cell. The game is called Sniper Elite; so let me use the sniper rifle. This is an issue through out the game where the only way to move around the level is to use the pistol. The game doesnít even have enough areas where the sniper rifleís shot can be masked by background sound. The only way to do this is to find a generator, hit it with your elbow and use the sound to take out the targets. Wait, where are the bombers flying over, whereís the explosions in the background. †Oh thatís right, Iím in the middle of the desert. Why am I here again? The desert seems to be the wrong place for this game. Iím sure Iím wrong; a sniping game in the desert would be a great idea. But Rebellion has taken it somewhere the whole concept of sniping has faded and sneaking around with a pistol is the new skill that every sniper should adopt.

The previous game was much more acceptable than this one. Fighting through war torn berlin, fierce sniper clashes, V2 rockets, and assassinating scientists. This one feels, rushed. Maybe because the of the new next generation consoles have come out and the lack of new games have created a opportunity that Rebellion had to jump for. But instead of landing on their feet with a great title, it looks like the landed on their face. Donít get me wrong, I believe that the Sniper Elite is a fantastic franchise and I hope that there will be another title and more slow motion gore. I really hope that Rebellion have learnt their lesson and make game that showcases the true meaning of an elite sniper by adding the key ingredient, Sniping.
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