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How's it going, Destructoid?

New guy here! Hi! I'm Matt. I'm a twenty-something college kid studying Professional Writing at the University of Oklahoma. It's basically an English degree with one sweet benefit: I get to correct my friends' grammar, smirk, and say "Trus...


About Matt Madeiroone of us since 5:29 PM on 06.05.2009

Hey! I'm Matt.

I already ranted long and hard about myself in my intro post, so please feel free to check that out if you're legitimately curious about how much I like to party.

In glorious summation, my hobbies are as follows: gaming, writing, reading, and traveling. None of which are particularly unique, looking at it now, but...screw you, okay? It's what I do.

"Hi, my name's Matt. (Hi Matt)
Well, I'm eight foot tall,
I fight like Mike Tyson.
I can break through walls.

I've got a science degree,
And a PHD
If you see a sucka,
What you see aint me."
~ Haxan, lovingly tendered from The Hilltop Hoods

1) Persona 3
2) Chrono Trigger
3) Persona 4
4) Shadow Hearts
5) Shadow Hearts: Covenant
6) Final Fantasy X (shutup)
7) Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
8) Kingdom Hearts
9) Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
10) Deus Ex

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