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Piracy and Homebrew.


The new Dtoid post with Ps3 homebrew available seems to have people a bit bothered by it. But people are generalizing, one of my pet peeves even though sometimes I have done it. Rarely, but I have. And here's the thing....Well, first, here are the three different types of Piracy I see:

Non-Victimized Piracy = Stealing games that are so old the developers don't give a shit about them anymore. AKA; PSX, SNES, Nes, Sega, Dreamcast, etc. This kind of piracy, isn't a bad thing in my opinion. The developers already got their money when the game is released, and the games are so old, you can't just go out and buy them in stores. I honestly have no negative feelings towards these pirates who pirate old games, and old games alone. They're not doing the right thing, but they're not doing the wrong thing either.

Test-Piracy = This may be a myth to some people, they might not believe it exists, but it does. This is the art of stealing a game for testing purposes ONLY. For example, Bad Company 2. I had downloaded this game. And you know why? PC users were having massive trouble getting this game to work 200 pages of people having problems getting this game working. I, luckily, tested it for free, and then bought it because it worked for me. Test-Piracy also includes stealing a game to see if it's worth your money. Like a demo, don't play the whole f***ing game and say that was a test. Run through levels 1-3 and decide if it's worth it. Limit your time on it. Also, Test-Piracy is a lot more common with PC Gamers.

Victimized Piracy = Stealing games just so you can play them and not pay money. This is my issue with today's pirates. They're the reason we can't have Test-Piracy anymore. These people are the selfish people who steal modern games developers are trying to make money on, and therefore are the cause of several problems (PC ports probably being one of them.)

Now that I've cleared that up, what I'm saying is the homebrew should stick to Non-vicimized piracy rather than Victimized. Saying homebrew is just a coverup for piracy is ignorant. My Wii has 100000 more uses than a non-homebrewed wii. I can play user made games, I can watch DVDs, I can just play music, I can transfer save data, I can use SSBB hacks, I can run any Nintendo system ever, I can browse all the homebrew for the wii, I can do lots.

All I'm asking, is stop generalizing homebrew as piracy. Homebrew does usually lead to piracy, but that's not all it is. And that homebrew should be homebrew + Non-Victimized piracy. That'd be nice.
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