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Is Call of Duty good for gaming?

As a bit of a prelude, I have never played much of the CoD's before WaW/Mw/Mw2/BO. Also, I said DE will be my next blog, and I apologize. I've run into some issues that I will try to work out later. Also, I no longer have CoD on my PC for nabbing screenshots, so I'll have to google them up.

Call of Duty is a gigantic gaming behemoth that pulls in those record breaking sales every year. It has easy gameplay, a campaign, and cinematic moments that pulls gamers in, but what about me? What are my thoughts about it? I knew 5 seconds into reading the post on the Dtoid page that I'd love writing this because it's a question that can't be simply answered with a yes or no.

Why Call of Duty is good for gaming:

The simplicity. Being able to pick up a controller after a few FPS games to dominate at CoD is wonderful to a lot of people. Going on 200-3 streaks is pretty neat with the simplicity that the game adds into it.

Cinematic scenes. This is definitely debatable, but I love the idea of having cinematic scenes in my games. Not so many that it takes away gameplay, but enough to immerse me into their world. A good example would be Mw2's campaign. The Second Sun mission, when you're in space, seeing the EMP go off, it was just....beautiful. It inspires developers to reach outside the box to get something from movies that immerses you deeply.

The open variety of game modes. Most of the FPS I play only really have TDM/DM/CTF, and although they are fun, sometimes, I feel up for a round of demolition. I love the idea of having a team constantly try to plant the bomb whereas SND is elimination. It gives developers the incentive to make new game modes that aren't just your standard Rooty Tooty Point-n-Shooty.

The ideas it inspires. Call of Duty's success encourages others to do better, something EA is trying to pull off with Battlefield 3. With this repetitive loop of one being better than the other, and the other trying to make a turn around, means games should hypothetically get better over time.

The originality. Before CoD, I never saw many zombie shooters, killstreaks, perks, and other things like that. CoD really revolutionized that, IMO.

How it brought us together. Video games? Bringing people together? Call of Duty is one of the few games that can appeal to nearly any audience. I've seen non-gamers go from reading philosophical books to trying to unlock the P90 akimbo. Ask anyone if they have heard of Call of Duty, their answer is yes.

Why Call of Duty is bad for gaming:

-The simplicity. I am aware that this is for good things about CoD. However, to people like me, simplicity is a problem. I want actual shooters that feel like I'm in an actual shooting game. Battlefield 2 does this for me, seeing how when the game starts it hands you a gun, a giant map, and tells you to go do stuff. It doesn't let me go on 500000-1 streaks. Everything is balanced down to perfection while maintaining a sense of complicity.

-The ideas it inspires. I know, again, this was a reason for why it was good, but it can also be taken in a negative way. I remember, I believe it was Bioware, who said they wanted CoD's audience. Most of CoD's audience was obtained by making CoD simple, so you can assume that Bioware will probably make their game simple to get CoD's audience. Another example would be how when the book Twilight was released, you saw a massive fluctuation of vampire books who wanted to get rich off of Stephanie Meyer's success.

-Killstreaks. Not all killstreak formats in games are bad. I like Section 8 Prejudice's killstreak system. But Mw2 and BO are downright atrocious. Mw2 lets you play the care package lottery (Get a few kills, get a helicopter!) or even get some kill streaks, perform them right, call in a nuke. BO fixed killstreaks somewhat, but some ideas in BO's killstreaks were pretty dumb (UAV and RCCar were the same amount of kills required, yet UAV is a LOT more effective.)

-Call of Duty is milked beyond belief. While it's good for the industry, it's bad for consumers. DLC is a poison, and everyone's oblivious to it. New maps a few months after the game was released? If you're that greedy that you need 5000 maps to be able to play the game, I want to brutally murder you. Also, a new CoD every year reduces the amount improvement. It's like modern cell phones. They come out once every few minutes, and the improvement on them is so small because so many are coming out consecutively. You know what? Delay the next CoD by 2 years. Bet you it will be a lot better than what you imagined.

-How Call of Duty brought us together. To some people, this is more of a problem. With a game such as CoD's and its simplicity, ANYONE can play it. This is why I hate the CoD community. I play(ed) it on Pc, and the chat was always:

“Camping noob”
“F**k F**k F***k!”

Not saying all hardcore games are better, but I've had better experiences in games that require skill and practice, such as CSS, Battlefield 2, and Tf2 somewhat.

So is Call of Duty good or bad for gaming. Yes. No. Maybe. It's really all down to your preferences. Do you prefer simplicity? Do you like more hardcore action? Do you like playing with everyone? Or do you just like playing who you get along with?

As for me, I think Call of Duty is bad for gaming. I feel as though with its success, it will bring down games like Battlefield 2, CSS, and TF2 because of how some of them have started emulating CoD. (Battlefield 3 getting regenerating health). Also, I really, really hate the CoD community. They're not all bad, but the majority of them complain any time you pull the trigger. Hell, they'll even complain when you knife them in a game without Commando/Tacknife. I feel as though CoD's success will bring down competitors until all the shooting games are left are Halo, CoD, and their clones.
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