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Dear Star Wars Fans: Deal with it

I'm sorry to mention this once again, but it brings up such a good point in many of things. ME3, people were entitled to a good ending because they showed consumer loyalty and the games throughout were relatively good. They had paid for what they expected to be an epic conclusion to perhaps one of their favorite series of games, and I understand that. Fight for what you deserve in for what game you deserve it in.

But with the advent of the new Kinect Star Wars, I keep seeing people going nuts over how stupid it is and how it “killed” star wars. But here's the thing. This is all in one game, that you don't have to buy. It doesn't continue the story line, and you can see how it's aimed at someone of a younger audience (Seeing the KID on the front of the case). And if you couldn't put two and two together, consider the rest of games on kinect. There are very few , if any, games targeted at the same audience as hardcore Star Wars fans.

Another problem is how people act like it kills Star Wars. They seem to think that a guy covered in black can't break it down once in a while. It may sound like I'm joking here, but I'm not. They act as though if he does, then he's ruined forever for doing something the player doesn't want him to do. You cannot define how he acts.

Bringing up ME3 again, the series defines itself as a story about people trying to save Earth from the reapers, and okay. But tossing all of their hard work back in their face as if it never mattered? That's something to be upset about. But complaining about how a game has a mini game where famous characters from a game dance? You never even had to buy the game, as it pretty much advertised itself as for younger kids.

With the picture above, I'm also saying that...why can't there be a bit of comedy in games? I'm sure the developers weren't aiming to destroy your childhood memories. They probably saw it as a bit of a goofy, or funny thing. Now if they start dancing in the actual storyline and acting really goofy, I can see that being a bit of a problem. But as a side dish, that you didn't even have to buy because it advertises itself as FOR KIDS , then what do you have to complain about? That an evil villain danced?

If I had a problem with this, then I would be anti-just about everything. Because of stuff like fan-fictions that ruin how I view amazing characters (Back when I was heavily into KH, fan-fics ruined it).

And yeah, if I had the chance (And kinect), I would probably go and play this game, because I get a kick out of it. I find it humorous.
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