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Descriptive words go here.

I would fill this in but I=lame on blogging so thier seems little to no point right now.

This account generated purely to post comments under RetroforceGO! (But that might change if I can think of things to astound you with)

The picture above my blog? I know it's shit and doesn't conform to the regular size etc that's because YOU CANNOT SAVE YOUR CHANGES WITHOUT ENTERING A BLOG URL
Stupid code

Also cocks.
I really should edit the above before adding in more stuff. Bah! I'll come back and do that later.

So about me then. When asked what I do for a living I always answer "I am a Gamer", OK so I don't actually game for a living but it takes up significantly more time than my actual job does.
I game whenever I can, my personal moto is "Everything between now and the next game is just killing time." and I don't just mean PC/Console games. I play card games, board games, RPGs, psychological games (i.e. fuck with your co-workers minds), quizzes, logic puzzles, all that stuff. The majoritory of the world tends to lump it as 'childish', but you know what... fuck 'em. I don't go around saying soaps are shit so they don't get to critise my pleasures.

I've been gaming for as long as I can remember and intend to long into my twilight years.