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Brink Review

Brink is Splash Damage's attempt to put a fresh twist on the overused and dead first person shooter genre. The game takes place on the Ark, a floating city that has split into two parts over the last years. One side, the Resistance, a group...


Front Mission Evolved Review

At first glance Front Mission Evolved may seem to just be another cookie cutter mech game, while this isnít entirely untrue, it stands apart from other mech games like Mech Warrior. The main story is that of the protagonist Dylan Ramsey try...


Amnesia: The Dark Descent Review

The darkness pierces deep into your heart as you descend deeper into the castle. Your lantern shows just a sliver of the way ahead of you as you step down the stairs. There is a door ahead of you. You slowly and cautiously open the door. A ...


Demon's Souls Review

This game at times makes me want to launch infants out of a cannon in to shark infested waters, well maybe not but it makes me mad sometimes. This game as great as it is has flaws but others may say theyíre there for a reason. One I think i...


Lost Planet 2 Review

Letís start by saying this is one of my favorite games of all time solely because of the gameplay. I love the great 3rd person fast paced gameplay of the game mixed with fighting huge ass bosses itís such a good mix. The strongest point of ...


Too Human Review

The journey of Too Human was a long and winding one and one that seems unclear. The game was originally planned as a four-disc Playstation game back in 1999. The game development then shifted to the Gamecube before selling the rights to Mic...


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I'm a writer, gamer and reviewer. I love games and love talking and writing games. I got into gaming when the Super Nintendo came out and we got it for Christmas. I have a ton of favorites the Metal Gear Solid series is by far the best games I've ever played. The writing and characters are expertly done and it is presented in such cinematic awesomeness. I love the Zelda games, Bioshock, Uncharted, Demon's Souls is amazing, anything Bioware has made and Timesplitters is my favorite multiplayer game. Right now I'm addicted to Minecraft with no cure available. I am also going back through Too Human. I have Black Ops but the online is so trashy I'm gonna sell it soon. I am playing Jak 2 and 3, the amazing hidden gem Second Sight, and the other cult classic Psi-Ops that I just reacquired. I plan on getting Two Worlds 2 and Homefront. I'm looking forward to Ghost Recon but still waiting on a new Rainbow Six.

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