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I'm Late To The Party: Team Fortress 2!


Alcohol, explosives, and a Scottish accent in one hilariously awesome package.

We played for at least 6 hours that night. I had been completely engrossed by the game, and since our previous game actually taught me to use WASD and mouse look together, my execution wasn't a problem at all. In fact as soon as we stared playing my fingers had been moving as if it was never a problem at all.

I was back stabbed beyond my ability to count high enough. Pyros happily air blasted my own sticky bombs right back at me. Heck, when I saw an uber'd ANYONE my ass went running in the opposite direction, glowing shiny supermen was a giant 'RUNFORYOURLIFE' warning sign to me. I just kept dying but I was enjoying it, oh god was I ever enjoying it. I turned to my friend and just start blabbering and blubbering about it, "Did you see that one kill I got? Heavies are so annoying! Snipers are jerk butts! What the hell is a Spy-Crab anyhow?" He looked back at me with that same grin that started out our night, which caused me to go silent.

"Told you so!" he smugly remarked.

"Yes, yes you did." I replied.

Every night after that we snuck in a few hours of TF2. I bought a crown for my Demoman and suddenly the game started giving me random weapons and items, something I quite accustomed to now. All of the experiences that were 'ho hum' to my friend sent me in a tizzy and running back to him to proclaim how utterly (retarded) excited I was. After a bit we grew tired of Dustbowl, which lead my friend to find a random server called "Mario Kart 20v20". I had no idea what I was getting into but now I knew to give it try. Pure pandemonium. Low gravity, rolling the die for random 'effects', critical hit on everything, we were laughing for hours. We played that for a spell before we decided to try something else. This time stumbled onto 'Prop Hunt', a mode where one team consists of just Pyros, while the other team is actually turned into a random prop that can be found in that map. Literally hide and seek.

This behavior continued. When we grew tired of one mode we would find another one to jump into and eventually we would cycle through everything, just playing whatever we were in the mood to play. Six months have passed since then and I find that the more I play the more I fall in love with this game. The more I play the more I feel like I am part of this giant community effort to maximize the fun out of TF2, an effort that's been going on for five years. Every time I get just that right blend of players in Dustbowl, where a match can take up to 25 minutes, it's just so amazingly invigorating and exciting to be part of the team defending the point or trying to control it. I don't have a MIC either (and usually turn voice off) but when all the gears are in place it's amazing. Coming from Doom, which was primarly DeathMatch (it invented the mode, did it not?) playing cooperatively in TF2 still gets my blood pumping. The best part is that even after playing Dustbowl for hours I can find myself playing Spy-Crab on a silly server for just as long and enjoying the game equally as much. I didn't get that with Doom, everything was serious business then, even once the game supported 32 player matches.

The advent of Garry's Mod and Source Film Makers only aid in fleshing out the already hilarious personalities of each class. Mann vs Machine is just icing on the cake. Holiday promotions get me giddy for whatever random items I may want to buy or updates we may get. I love playing every class in the game, even when I utterly awful at some of them. Having just obtained the Rocket Jumper weapon yesterday I'm already doing my damndest to 'goomba' players to death. Really, the more I blubber on about this game the bigger a shithead I become, having shunned the game initially for really stupid reasons. I do this often enough that I'm pushing myself to actually write about it now.

So to any other stubborn bastards out there, join the Late to the Party Club! We have jackets!

My steam handle is mchibi, I will happily try out any map or mode, and I'll to my damndest to actually join Desctructoid's TF2 Tuesdays, eventually!

Drop me a line!
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