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Debatoid Special: Home Gaming - RESULTS


The results are in on a fiery Debatoid! Yes, we went there, and pitted the top four home gaming machines of this generation against each other in a ferocious battle!

Without wishing to be unfair to anyone, this Debatoid was less close than most. Here are the results:

Congratulations to mrandydixon on his victory. Commiserations to Sexualchocolate, rexwolf2 and Nihil on their defeat.

I specifically wish to address concerns from ManWithNoName about the subject descending into a flame war. I absolutely understood these concerns. Platform loyalty is a contentious subject and nowhere is that more prevalent than on a site in which a passion for gaming comes as a standard entry requirement.

I am proud of our community to say that things kept extremely civil, and tempers did not fray. There was doubtless passionate defenders of each platform, but it was all kept above the belt. This is an immensely refreshing thing to see.

I also wish to broach the subject of the sense in debating such a subject; surely everyone has their views and we should all just get along?

Well yeah, sure, I'm all for that, but in order to do that we need to know what those views are. Sure, we all have our own opinions and those are the ones we go to first. Until we are presented with new ideas, though, we always keep our understanding closed. Arguments are not always destructive, and by debating, you get to know someone, and what makes them tick.

I guess what I'm saying is, where others see a community split by preferences, I see a community with differences who can all share one common element; we all love our games.

Here are some of the highlights from the comments:

Thanks to everyone who contributed to last week's Debatoid.

This week, I'll be buttoning down the hatches and sticking it to the man. I have a new contender and will be making him battle against me muhahaha?

You'll have to control yourselves until then!
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Debatoid Debates:

Do FPS games prevent videogames' cultural relevancy?
The proposition: As long as FPS games are our most popular genre, videogames will not be taken culturally seriously.
Debatoid rejects the proposition!

Will Mario still be New and Super in 2036?
The proposition: Super Mario platformers will still be released to critical acclaim and commercial success in 25 years time.
Debatoid accepts the proposition!

JT Murphy
Corduroy Turtle
Are scores necessary in video game reviews?
The proposition: Scores are necessary in video game reviews.
Debatoid rejects the proposition!

Andrew Kauz
Are zombies an overused gaming concept?
The proposition: Zombies are an overused gaming concept.
Debatoid accepts the proposition!

Ali D
Game In A Box: Endangered in the next 10 Years?
The proposition: In 10 years time physical media will become marginalised.
Debatoid rejects the proposition!

Are video games trying too hard to be like movies?
The proposition: Video games are trying too hard to be like movies.
Debatoid accepts the proposition!

Can sex have a positive role to play in video games?
The proposition: Sex has no positive role to play in video games.
Debatoid rejects the proposition!

Does portable gaming represent the dominant future of video games?
The proposition: Portable gaming represents the dominant future of the video game industry.
Debatoid rejects the proposition!

mrandydixon (PC)
Sexualchocolate (PS3)
rexwolf2 (Wii)
Nihil (XBox 360)
Debatoid Special: Which platform is best for home gaming this generation?
The proposition: The PC / PS3 / Wii / XBox 360 represents the best that this generation's home gaming has to offer.
Debatoid selects the PC!

In 25 years, will controllers with sticks/buttons be rare in gaming?
The proposition: In 25 years, controllers with sticks/buttons will be rare in gaming.
Debatoid changes into MassDebate and rejects the proposition!

MassDebate Debates:

Byronic Man
Is XBOX Live a dangerous precedent for basic online service?
The proposition: XBOX LIVE sets a damaging precedent by charging a premium for rudimentary online service.
MassDebate rejects the proposition!

Has rhythm action gaming had its heyday?
The proposition: Rhythm action gaming has had its heyday.
MassDebate rejects the proposition!

Sean Daisy
Are videogames too focused on destruction?
The proposition: Videogames are too focused on destruction.
MassDebate rejects the proposition!

Is there eough racial diversity in videogames?
The proposition: There is enough racial diversity in videogames.
MassDebate rejects the proposition!

Are videogames addictive?
The proposition: Videogames are addictive.
MassDebate rejects the proposition!

Has genre distinction lost its relevance?
The proposition: Genre distinction has lost its relevance.
MassDebate rejects the proposition!