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Hey D'toid, it's been a while. A lot's changed, too!

Hey guys,

So, I guess I've never been the most active D'toid user ever. I've only written a few blogs, and I don't comment nearly as often as everyone else. In fact, I've been away for the past 7 months or so, but there's a reason for that: I got a job working for The Indie Game Magazine.

Our excellent July issue

On December 1st, I started out as the community manager for IGM, because their management was a train wreck and poor decisions were tarnishing the reputation of a once-great outlet. So I was brought on board to sort things out and help figure out how to reformat IGM so we could better serve the community. After a few months of righting wrongs, and reorganizing a whole new team under new leadership, IGM got back on track, and I'm really proud of the awesome work the team has been doing. Oh, and over the past 7 months I've gone from Community Manager, to Editor, to Editor-in-Chief, and while my title keeps changing, I've been the guiding force behind IGM since the day I started. (Like I said, management had no idea what to do, or how IGM could be used to help the independent development scene. So I was allowed free reign to run the show.)

Flash forward to today, and we have a new team, plus we've have been working with hundreds of indie developers to help spotlight their amazing games. I think if you ask any developer who has worked with us over the past seven months, they'll tell you IGM is a really great place for indies, and that's something that means a lot to me. Now, after 7 straight months of 60-hour work weeks, and responding to countless emails from developers asking for IGM's support (I respond to every single email that comes through my inbox. Hence, the 60-hour work weeks.), I have to ask for a little support myself. The Magazine itself, which is published monthly, is 100% my baby. As of now, and the details of this will be announced in my August issue editorial, it is my financial livelihood, and if I want to continue working at IGM, I have to ask the community to help make it a success. (Up to this point, I've received almost no compensation for my time at IGM, and I've just about burned through all of my savings.)

The rent is too damn high!

Now, I'm not just saying "please give me money!" I'm saying that I'd like to grow IGM so we can continue to serve the community in new and exciting ways. I want to rent out venues to host Game Jams and a full-blown annual Indie Con. I want to expand the Magazine so we can include more content and spotlight more indie games. I want to increase our daily news content on the website so we can cover more developers we otherwise have to skip over. But before we do any of that fun stuff, I need to be able to pay my writers, and God-willing, myself, a reasonable wage for the work we put in. I think that we provide a really great source of coverage for the indie community, and I think there's value in our work that goes beyond the intangible, and personally priceless, good will and gratitude from the devs we cover. I think there's monetary value as well.

All that said, if you'd like to check out the Magazine, you can pick up a single issue for a really reasonable price. If you can afford to buy it, and you like what you read, perhaps you'll be inclined to subscribe. If you can't afford it, I hope you'll consider sharing it with a friend, and helping us get the word out there. Heck, if you can't afford it, but are interested in reading a single issue, just sign up for a Magzter account and send an email to [email protected] from the email address used to register, and I'll gift you any single issue of your choice (we relaunched in April). Magzter lets me gift copies of the Magazine, and I'd be happy to share copies with the D'toid community just because I'm a longtime reader, and fan of the community here.

TL;DR: I'd like to continue forging IGM into a positive force for the indie community, where both developers and gamers alike can go to enjoy great content. But I've been working too hard for too little pay over the past 7 months, and now I need help raising awareness about the Magazine so I can afford to stay on board. Are you the chosen one?
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