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My Gamer History

Iím a new face here, I joined a few weeks ago but havenít done anything, so I think itís high time I give an intro thread. The best way to get to know me on a gaming level is to go back through my history with my all time favorite source o...


About MarlinClockone of us since 9:59 PM on 06.19.2009

Not much to say, I've never been much of a favoritist, except that in retrospect of my top 10 you could say that I am a big fan of Valve. If a game is fun, that's all that matters. However, I do see myself playing shooters more often than not.

My top ten favorites would be:
10. World of Goo: I loved the gameplay, it's really a unique experience.
9.Fallout 3: A great role-playing game with hauntingly beautiful environments.
8.Half Life 2: The game that got me hooked on PC FPS's.
7.Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: This is my favorite handheld. It had great stories and characters mixed with fun point-and-click gameplay.
6.Silent Hill 2: I would say it has the best story of any game I've ever played, and scared the bejebus out of me.
5.Portal: Great story and such an original concept.
4.Shadow of the Colossus: Awe inspiring art, imaginative bosses, and terrific gameplay.
3.The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker:The most fun, beautiful, and interesting of all the Zelda games I've played.
2.Team Fortress 2:Definitely the game that's given me the most fun, clocking in at over 3 days of gameplay.
1.Psychonauts: This game is basically the reason I became a hardcore gamer.

Right now I'm playing Team Fortress 2, because I have no job and am too poor to afford anything new coming out.