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Arkham Asylum demo.

Hey I don't know if most of you guys know but most GameStops have an Arkham Asylum demo on their PS3 interactives so it's definitely worth checking it. Pretty fun.


Chinatown Wars impressions.

Well I finally have my grubby paws onto Chinatown Wars for the DS and I must say I like this game mucho. As most of you know but for those who don't.. the game starts you off as a spoiled rich asian kid coming in from overseas to deliver a...


Panda Express...but not.

Ahh.. just got home from work. Had to run the Halo Wars midnight tonight which went pretty smooth... if you consider smooth having an audience of 10 show up! Pretty bad by what I'm used to. Anywho, I got this little pretty kick-ass promo ...


Let's start simple.

Thought I'd start my little D-Toid blog here will something simple and easy. So a while back I was at an FYE a bit before Gears of War 2 came out and I happend to stumble across this little gem they had posted in front of the store. I'...


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