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Mark Smee
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Tales of a great big coincidence

Most JRPGs are not shy about rubbing their bollocks in your face. The 'Tales of' series in particular, I have found, has a fondness for made up words and plot devices that are about as easy to swallow as a steel porcupine. (See Tales of Et...



A few days ago I finished playing The Legend of Zelda: A Link between worlds. I thought to myself. “Now there is a good game. It is well better than Skyward sword.”   First thought. Mark, you are an old man. You say things like, “isn’t th...


Animal Crossing

One of the first things I did was design a town flag with the master sword on it. “This is cool.” I thought. “Cool enough to be a t-shirt.” So I’m strutting around Arlia. That’s what I called my town. It’s named after the starting town in S...


Those pesky game designers

The mark of an incredibly well made game? I even love the things I hate about it. Rayman Origins is one of those games. Being excited for Rayman Legends I recently went back to Rayman Origins with the aim of taking on the final level. I r...


Miss Destructoid

Should there be a Miss Destructoid?   I don’t know. I was just larking about. I thought it would be cool to draw a Miss Destructoid then post it on the cblogs to see what people thought.   My first idea was Mr Destructoid with a bow on his ...


Stop buying. Start playing.

About six months ago I decided to clear my backlog. To that end I created a rule for myself. I have to play two games that I already own before I can buy a new one.   To give you an idea, I have games going back to the Game Boy Colour that ...


Emotional Games

Yesterday I finished playing Telltale's Walking Dead. It made me think about what it takes for a game to create an emotional connection with the player. Here is a bit of vague wishy washy talk in that area.



I shouldn’t be playing it, but I am. Montowers is a free to play iPhone game. In Montowers you summon monsters to fight other monsters in towers. Apparently I’ve been playing it for twelve hours. I know that because of a game centre ach...


About Mark Smeeone of us since 12:06 PM on 05.19.2012

I started gaming with the NES. I had quite a few games back then which are now mostly forgotten. I remember I had a game called Totally Rad. I never finished it but I always liked it because the bosses filled the screen and you could use magic to turn into animals. Also the game is called Totally Rad.
Back then there was no internet and I never bought magazines so I chose every game based on the box art. Which is how I ended up with Super Turrican. Turrican was my Mega Man, I never finished it.


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