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Gaming summer and gadgets galore

This summer is just awesome. And it hasn't really ended yet.
Besides my relations with the people around me getting better and better, I received and bought a lot of stuff, either gaming related or not.

Let's start with the non gaming or partially gaming related. The Highlight is that i got a new monitor for my pc. I really hated the old one. It was a 15' CRT made by philips that I had it for 8 years. It was like... yuk. I couldn't see shit, the internal lamp became weak over the years and the screen was just dying.
Thankfully, at my birthday (8 August) my parents bought me and sent me a brand new 19' LCD made by LG. It's like a miracle! My tortured eyes really appreciated the difference! oh did i mentioned that it's WIDESCREEN! HECK YEAH!
Now i have plenty of space on my desk and I don't need that ugly old Made-for-pc-only extra table. It also has the same colour scheme with my Keyboard, speakers and mouse which is neat.
The other stuff I picked was a Wacom Bamboo pen tablet (For doing wacky stuff on painting programs) which I picked up for just 45 Euros!
I also received as a present from my bro, a slim DVD-Recorder LG again, which can do Lightscribe and it only gets power from 2 usb ports. It's supposed to be a companion to my Asus EEEpc since it has no Optical Media but it ended up to my Main PC serving as a full duty DVD writer.

Onwards to my gaming stuff.

It's not a 360 yet. So it's all Wii... I got Zack and Wiki; a game that I wanted for so long. I really enjoy it now and I wish for a freaking sequel someday. I downloaded Defend your Castle which is funny as hell! I really liked the feeling of... u know... everyday items turned into barbarians that fiercely want to get into your cardboard castle for no reason...
I also got from the circle of my closest friends a Wii Fit. They all pitched in and they bought it for me. Well... I can't decide if their gesture is moving or they are trying to tell me that i am FAT (and I partially am)
It's something I couldn't buy by myself so it was a great present. The given software is Nothing special besides the exercises and the balance board itself. Overall enjoyable. For rhythm game freaks: this can be the Step Step revolution of your dreams....

I'm gonna get payed by the end of August. I hope this time is a 360. Oh yeah....
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Hey! I'm a 24 years old man and I'm living in Greece. Video games aren't banned in Greece.

Here's another update to my blog description.
Hi, I'm Marioland and I'm a gamer for a long long time. Greece sucks in general. I'm still practically unemployed. We have a VAT rate at 24% for everything except milk and the cost of living vs the salaries are so unequal, that it is needed to have two jobs in order to run your own house. We are the generation that grew up and stays in parents' basements.

My angst for the lame gamers in Greece is now silenced. Everybody plays as they want. I don't care. I have enough friends to play with so, random matches are a stranger to me.

Younger gamers still can't afford to READ the solution for a game. Let alone play it themselves.

And, yeah. Somehow I feel happy. Also, I kinda like gaming on iDevices, as long as it's not an iPhone.

I am growing old to the gaming journalism, but I still count my self as a newcomer. I contribute to a greek gaming site called Game 2.0 where I post news, reviews and editorials. It's all in Greek so, it will be kinda Greek to you.
I still believe that gaming journalism is a harsh place. Everything you do gets a lot of negative attention (that's kinda good in a cynical point of view). But, now I know more of the people in other sites, I could see that some of them are actually good people.

Anyways, I own a DSi, a PSP, an Xbox 360, a Wii and an iPod Touch 4G 32GB. Feel free to ask me for friendship on these platforms. It would be nice to get my ass handed to me by someone from Dtoid.

Keep Gaming!

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