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Vg Musics in River City!

Hello all, August is going to be a great month here in Richmond, VA. I personally am moving to an awesome apartment with 3 others tomorrow (3 360s, A PS3, 2 Dreamcasts, a Wii, 4 DS's, 2 Snes's, 2 Nes's, etc etc.) Needless to say we're goi...


Hope Rides Again.

So I have made posts in the past about the Protomen, well they are coming back to RVA to play another show. April 29th, they will be playing the Czar, which was formerly known as the Nanci Raygun. It's all ages, and from what I've been t...


Scott Pilgrim anybody?

To those of you who don't know what Scott Pilgrim is... go out right now, find a copy, read it, buy it, love it. The basic story of Scott Pilgrim is about, well a guy named Scott Pilgrim. He encounters a wonderful woman named Ramona Flowe...


ZOMG Toxic Consoles!

Not sure if this was posted, but it's definitely a load of bull. Wow so electronics can contain toxic chemicals or materials... oh really? Didn't know that, now I know why I get sick all times, guess I gotta stop rubbing my opened up cons...


Restoring faith in JRPGs

For me, I have been put off by JRPGs for a little while now, the last one that I played throughly being... I believe Radiata Stories on PS2. For the past couple of months I had been revisiting classics like Breath of Fire II, Earthbound, a...


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