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Kratos: A Warrior, A God, and A Father


Throughout the years, we have witnessed Kratos as a warrior with extreme blood-lust and as a rampaging god. The one side we rarely saw was the side of fatherhood.

Throughout the years, fans have seen Kratos' (God of War) many sides; Warrior, God (Demi-God) and the rarely seen father. It is well known that Kratos had a daughter whom he loved (yes, he loved her and his wife) very much named Calliope. As stated in the original God of War game, Kratos was manipulated by Aries the "God of War" into killing his wife and daughter as well as cursed to wear their ashes on his body for the rest of eternity.

As mentioned, Kratos loved his daughter and we don't see much of her outside of very brief flashbacks and the very end of the spin-off title God of War: Chains of Olympus. When it comes to his family Kratos was very much a loving husband and father contrary to popular belief. This side of the brutal, bloodthirsty fallen god known as Kratos, will be explored in the newest entry to the series in the upcoming God of War (2018).

The God-Killer

The story of the God of War franchise is a story of revenge and anguish. Mostly revenge. Kratos has made it his sole duty to destroy the entire Greek pantheon for making him kill what he held dear, his family. With the death of Calliope, Kratos has become a stranger to being a father in the traditional sense of the role. As he is now more violent and prone to being filled with fits of violent rage since he is not tied down to the mortal realm anymore as the gods had made sure of that.

You may ask how can the man who single-handedly decimated the Greek Gods be a loving father or a father in general? Easily as a matter of fact. Kratos is still a mortal no matter what happens to him. Technically he is a demi-god but that still means he is at least half mortal so he does have those emotional bonds and needs that all humans do. Granted he mostly leans to rage and violence a lot more but he is still able to care for others. He has shown this many times with Athena, his brother, his mother and of course his daughter. This glimpse into the humanity that Kratos still bears is what is the leading factor to the base story for God of War (2018) as Kratos attempts to be a father to Atreus after seemingly being in his life very sparingly.

Father & Son

With Atreus going on this adventure through all of Norse mythology with Kratos, we get the sense that Kratos is trying to bond with his son in his own way to help me write my essay online. This is seen in some of the trailers and from what the devs have eluded to. With such a long gap (speculation at this point) between God of War 3 and the new God of War, we can see how obvious it is that Kratos doesn't have that knack to be a proper parent. The whole team work between Atreus and Kratos is key to getting through the story as they have to deepen their familial bond and overcome all obstacles in this new world.

Not being savvy on fathering a son, Kratos has that extra layer of difficulty in binding with Atreus. He had a wife that showed him how to be softer with his daughter but Kratos doesn't have that this time around. Atreus' mother died due to an illness and has to take care of the boy. He does what he an but when a son has grown up with out a father constantly in the picture (again speculation) there will be push back and there most certainly is. Kratos at the end of the day is a man that is doing what he can to have his family back and rid himself of his tragic past. This is something that all humans want in life, love and family. Kratos is no different from the rest of us in that regard. To see how it all pans out we will just have to wait until April 20th when the game releases on PS4.

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