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PS4: How Should Microsoft React?

Now that we've all had a few days for the announcement of the Playstation 4 to sink in, it's time to ask the obvious question: How should Microsoft react? More specifically, what can they learn from the Sony event and how should they apply...


The Positive Influence of Videogames

In the past few weeks and months there has been much talk of videogame violence and it's affect, or lack thereof, on the minds of young gamers. My personal feeling is that this is a non issue, and many other writers have expressed these fee...


Content. Context. Maturity.

David Cage took to the stage at the D.I.C.E. Summit earlier this week to give his opinion on the state of the videogame industry. He laid out a nine point plan that, he said, outlined what the industry needed in order to grow up. He actua...


About Marcunioone of us since 5:15 PM on 10.31.2012

I'm a time traveler! But I can only go forwards... And only at normal speed... But I'm still traveling through time, damn it!

On a vaguely more serious note, my name's Marcus and Ive been playing video games for more time than I care to admit. By day I work for a popular movie streaming website, which veers between fun and boring on a near constant basis. When that's not happening I can usually be found procrastinating over doing more stimulating things.

As you may be able to tell, I like to write about games, but I also have a background in film, so occasionally I write about that too. If you like what you see here then check out my personal blog for ramblings about things other than games.

Random facts about me:

1. I'm Cornish (and mildly proud of it)
2. I've worked on a number of short films
3. Sometimes I forget how old I am (25... I think)
4. I know quite a lot about very little
5. I once played chess for my county
6. I bloody love the Simpsons
7. I'm a friendly drunk