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We want to know what's your favorite new Pokemon


It's been some time since Pokémon Sun & Moon dropped, and whether or not you plowed through the main quest, hunted some ultra beasts, or took your sweet time in the island paradise, it's time to ask that burning question that's pertinent to every generation of Pokémon: what's your favorite new 'mon?

It's bears repeating that's I'm not asking for your favorite Alolan Pokémon because plenty of older 'mon make their living on the far off island of Alola, like Makuhita or Pikachu. We're asking for your favorite, new Pokémon of the 7th generation. But don't worry because we're accepting brand new Alolan form Pokémon as well. So Pikachu isn't much of an answer but it's new Alolan Raichu is perfectly acceptable.

Just leave your answer below and you'll be featured on the front page fairly soon with your choice for all to see! A picture included would be preferable because please don't make me work any more than I have to.

As for my choice, I can't help but finding myself gravitating to the weirdly designed but excellently flavored Dhelmise, a grass/ghost Pokémon. It constantly gets to me how well integrated its visual design is with its battle design. This haunted, cursed seaweed latched onto discarded anchors and wields them like weapons in the sea. The anchor is perfectly normal but it's being swung around by ghostly seaweed. And in battle, this translates to its unique ability: Steelworker. Steelworker boosts the power of its user's steel type moves, which essentially gives Dhelmise three different same type attack bonus moves: grass moves, ghost moves, and steel moves! It even has a signature move, Anchor Shot, where it fires out its trusty anchor and entangles its victim in the chain, trapping it in place during the battle.

This Pokemon continually confused fans during Sun & Moon's victory lap, with people scratching their heads, wondering why this ghostly anchor was part grass, part ghost. Only after reading up on its lore is it explained that the grass comes from the seaweed origin and the ghost comes from the fact that it is haunted somehow. The anchor is completely separate from its physiology, kind of like how I'm a normal type person who isn't just a steel type because I decided to stab your hand with my fork because back off they're my chicken McNuggets.

So leave your favorite new Pokémon in the comments below and you'll join Dtoid staff in sharing our favorite new Pokémon for Sun & Moon!

- Show me your moves

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