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We want to know how you're doing in Fire Emblem Heroes


Nintendo's penetration into the mobile market is a lot like a death trap room, slowly filling with water. When our feet first got wet, we were like, "Whatever." But now that Fire Emblem Heroes is out, I feel like the water is up to our necks and we're drowning in some addictive mobile gaming. I'll say it right now and I'll say it again on the FP, Fire Emblem Heroes is the most fun I've had on a mobile game since Ridiculous Fishing. And I hold that game in high regard as one of the best mobile games out there.

Traditionally we're supposed to react badly to luck-based, RNG-based, gashapon game mechanics. We have to leave major mechanics to luck such as unit replenishment and character selection but we're being teased with such favorites. And when you do get one, it's incredibly gratifying [cough]5starRobin[cough].

So we wanna know what you think of Fire Emblem Heroes so far. In fact, I also want to ask you how you're doing since this question implies we're asking people who are playing it. Because obviously answering to this blog means bragging about the awesome units you've received and how you've been cleaning up with them. Or maybe how fucked you've become from constant 3 star rolls or, lord forgive, 2 star rolls.

What do you think of the game overall? The core gameplay loop  like stamina, missions, training, SP and skills? And who have you gotten? What kind of units have you received overall? What kind of teams do you have? Even though I got a 5 star Robin, I think my favorite team is actually two calvary and two clerics. Cleric Lissa boosts everyone by +4 atk every other turn while Jagen and Gunter support each other with massive +6 atk and def aura buffs that are specific to other calvary units. Jagen even has Fury equipped so he's even tougher to fight against and a guaranteed heal target to get Lissa's Fire Balm heal to proc.

Leave a comment below with these kind of points in mind. Keep in mind that I'm going to the FP with this, so do however much you want to appear there. If you're cool with just a single sentence, ok, but keep in mind I'm going to the FP with it.

- Show me your moves

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