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Strider's complete list of Christmas woe and data loss


I've been littering the quickpost section with anecdotes of Christmas that's going on with me. Anyone who drops in regularly on the QPs (and that seems to be a lot of you) know that when it comes to winter this year, the frozen fury seems to be doing a number on my save data. Come this new year, I will literally be starting fresh, because it seems like nothing I've held dear in my archives seems to have survived the Great Christmas Fire of 2015.

So since I just wanted to relax this Christmas, wanted to see what's open, and because this is longer than a single quickpost, here's a semi-complete list of all the save data that will be missed.

- Metal Gear Rising Revengeance: A small sting, I wanted to replay it to achieve better grades but starting over fresh doesn't seem so bad.
- Fallout 3 and New Vegas: A sad memory of years past, all that progress building up my little asshole, Chinese stealth suit wearing jerkass is now gone. That's hundreds of hours right there.
- Skyrim: National tragedy, I had two different saves: a Khajit mage who became the master of the College of Winterhold and a Redguard assassin from the Brotherhood. Goodbye to the feeling of empowerment to blowing away trolls with a massive, lightning-based Kamehameha.
- Oblivion: same as above, but with smaller payoffs.
- Vanquish: Small needle prick, I also wanted to replay it for better grades but I'd forgotten how to play last year. Better to restart and learn it from scratch.
- The Walking Dead season 1: A minor zombie bite, I just finished chapter 2. You telling me I gotta go through Kenny's shit again?

Bathed in the blood of my old saves.

Now on to the Wii U section! Decidedly more painful!

- Bayonetta 2: Stinging slap, I didn't manage to unlock anything important, so replaying Bayo 2 should be a blessing, especially for score hunting. I never even managed to unlock Masked Lumen for Tag Climax, I mean com'on.
- Bayonetta: Kick in the balls, Not only did I lose my progress towards unlocking Sai Fung, which requires 100 chapter completions, but I also lost Pillow Talk, which costs 1 million halos through the phone cheat. I might as well never go back at this point.
- Hyrule Warriors: a national tragedy, unlocking weapons is tough order to fill. Losing all the weapons I really liked is enough, not to mention that story mode I don't really want to replay. But the challenge maps? They're called CHALLENGE maps. As in, no thanks, too challenging to replay.
- Legend of the Mystical Ninja: I mean at this the point, the universe is basically telling me I'll never beat this game. If I didn't do it as a 9-year-old, if I didn't do it as a 15-year-old, I'm never going to do it even when I'm past 30.
- Mario Kart 8: go-kart leaving skid marks on my back, I mean what's up with the Mario Kart series and unlocking characters. It's never been fun. I don't give two shits about any win-loss record I have but don't take away Toadette or Morton. Anyone but Roy, please. And Rosalina? What elder god do I have to slay to get her back?

Thank god games like Splatoon were stored on local memory. I'd jump off a bridge if my Smash data were on my HDD too when it conked out.

Artist rendition of my Wii U data being obliterated.

So what now? Well, I've been playing games I'd never played before, to take my mind off the crippling loss of memories and emotions.

- Legend of Korra: I want to play a lot of PlatinumGames' titles and this is Platinum as fuck. Pretty bad in the beginning but loads of fun when you've unlocked the essentials.
- Transformers Devastation: Nobody told me this was on older generation consoles. Let me play as Optimus Prime, dodgerolling, slowing down time, and smacking Decepticons with a massive trailer hauler.
- Devil May Cry HD Collection: For being a massive PlatinumGames fanboy, I've never played one of Hideki Kamiya's most landmark titles. This ends now.
- Okami: Can't go wrong with Zelda, which has somehow become even more Japanese.
- Muramasa the Demon's Blade: Fun fact, I'll enjoy this game because it was made by Ignition Entertainment, which is made up of ex-Clover Studios people, which is of course the progenitor of PlatinumGames.
- Earthbound: technically this was lost in the data wipe as well but I never got around to playing it, or ever. So as soon as everything gets redownloaded and I instate a process of keeping save files on internal memory, I'll get around to playing Earthbound, finally.

Merry Christmas Dtoid. Enjoy what you have and don't take your data for granted.

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