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Late night thoughts: Temmie get the monies


It's been awhile since I just stopped to let everyone know how your friendly neighborhood Strider's been doing. In the context for Striderisms, I try to be general about my life and explore the struggles of life together with you, the fine viewer. But in late night thoughts, it's just me, my keyboard, and my raw thoughts on real life. Real life is hard, that's why I fill time with games.

The dark road ahead
I have been telling you guys about my Ubering time. If you don't know, Uber is basically a crowd sourced taxi service which enables random drivers to make money by offering to basically carpool people in supported cities. The pay is anywhere between minimum wage and what a nice chunk of change, with hardcore individuals boasting incomes in the grand range. Keep in mind you don't work for Uber, Uber basically lets you use their service network to make money, so you have to keep an eye on what you earn as an independent contractor come tax season.

I've driven all sorts of people so far. I've chauffeured buzzed business men looking for a titty bar, affluent couples heading into San Framcisco for luxurious parties, and even a mother who called on my services to transport a pair of forgotten concert tickets for her boys 30 miles away. So far, incentive to drive comes from, well, incentives. I earned $600 from being referred by a friend and a new promotion kicked up which promised to guarantee me a minimum pay out given a number of hours. By itself, Uber is dependent on knowledge of events and neighborhoods to really profit. I happened to luck out last week and passed by Downtown during a massive Santa event that saw a huge crowd of people going to a concert in a bar, all dressed as Santa. Scoring a commuter heading home is different from someone who just wants a lift for a couple blocks from a restaurant. The incentives work to keep me going for quantity despite the allure of quality.

Of course I'm doing this because things got desperate for a hot minute with my fiancé. I wasn't bringing in any money and acting like dead weight strained our relationship. The marriage was looking grim, let alone the rent situation. She threatened to kick me out and may I remind you it's December, the king if winter months. I considered selling my games for scratch to float by, donating plasma, and whatever else I could do for a quick buck (maybe even driving across counties like how Peggy Hill did it in that one episode. Not a safe idea mind you until you consider the desperation). I wanted to do a grim garage sale style cblog to give me games a good home to you guys, for whatever price you guys would pay for games like the Ace Attorney series or a Japanese Game & Watch Collection cartridge for the DS. I was caught wondering if I had really done all I could really do and if I was really doing anything really to support this notion that I actually wanted to get married. My fiance had paid for everything in the wedding, from her dress to hotel rooms, you name it. All I had so far was a deposit for my tux. It was an emotional straining point for us.

Luckily things got significantly easier to bear when we decided to postpone our wedding from the crazy inducing December 19 to the quietly dignified January 16. Not only have a lot of significant financial engagements been pushed back for us to get things in order (well, to get my shit together really), but it also gave me time to start making up for lost time in the money earning department. Working at Target isn't what most would expect of an educated adult but doing Uber on the side pretty much qualifies as the classic, "working two jobs," angle, which is also the cliched way how adults manage adult finances that are bigger then them unless they work two jobs. While I work myself to the bone, it beats having fat fingers that are freezing off in the cold outside.

Speaking of my fiancé, things are tenuous at best when it comes to my family. My mother basically disavows the existence of my fiancé. It hurt a lot more than I thought when she told me over the phone to never comes to the house with her in tow. I try to stay on good terms with them and we basically do. But it's on a level where nobody mentions my marriage or even acknowledges it. My mom just talks to me normally like a mother would, asking if I'm eating alright or exercising. But one mention of my marriage and she turns it right around and calls me crazy and disavows hearing that. I'm just lucky that as a younger brother, my older sister is always on my side. It's how things go for Asian kids you know. We're objectively aware of how crazy Asian parents can be, and as westernized Asians, we support each other when understanding family gets tough.

I'm lucky my fiancé's family has been so accepting of me, because it's hard to imagine my own family with my wife in the same picture. Luckily, my dad is more or less neurtral on the matter while my sister has always been on my side as fellow Asian children go. I hope to connect with her more now that I live in the same area as her but when it comes to going home to my parents' house, I might never go back there if my fiancé isn't welcome there.

Secret Santadays
Participated in any Secret Santas? I made the mistake of being in two while essentially broke but now that I have money to spare, I can finally begin to accomplish my holiday obligations.

First is a Disney oriented one from my previous job. Despite leaving that place, the obligation remains, so I have to figure out a good gift given a brief description of her taste in Disney on a slip of paper. I still need to get on that, plus delivering it means a trip on the mean old Bart into the city. At least I can pick up my own gift while I'm at it but goddamn what am I getting?

I'm also in a Dtoid secret Santa. I actually already received my gift, man I had no idea that guy would be so prompt and early and as of this writing, I just got my Santa their gift. All that's left is to ship it since I bought it personally. The cool thing about working at an actual big box store rather than an amusement park is that the discount applies to things I actually want. I don't get 25% off of an amusing salt and pepper shaker shaped like Mickey and Minnie, but I can get 15% off, um, food. And games too, it's cool that my discount works on all things, including games.

Other community goodness
So I've been busy. But I suppose everyone can expect someone to say that at this time of year. It's been awhile since I promoted a blog I suppose but it's nice when the other community team puts a choice up on the chopping block for the free-est person to promote. I've been working basically from afternoon to late night, barely finding time and motivation to do the barest of volunteer duties I have nailed down like recapping and podcasting. Don't forget to email the community team @destructoid.com, either [email protected] or even [email protected] if you think something is worthy of a promotion. I usually have good sense at what is good promoting material but the last time I tried a few weeks back is the first time someone believed it wasn't quite as hot as I thought it was gonna be. I want to try to find time in the coming week to promote something but basically if I don't work until late night, I fill the empty time driving around for Uber because money is the forefront of my concerns right now, and any free time at all is spent either decompressing in general for my own sanity or browsing job listings for big boy, degree related jobs (I passed my resume along to Brittnay Vincent. Cool).

Here's to my first adult holiday in my own place. Boy has it been a shit show but it's only up from here.

- Show me your moves

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