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We want your Pokémon trainer cards and hype

Bump before I get started for the weekend! We're a little less than two weeks away from the release of Pokémon Sun & Moon. Game Freak's latest entry on the monster collecting and battling series which has already gone gold....


We want your opinions on the Nintendo Switch

We all know you saw the Nintendo Switch reveal. The quick posts are transcending into pure energy over its excitement. The occasional negative Nancy brings us back down to Earth. Welcome to Earth punks, so what did you think of the Sw...


Monster Hunter Generations so far

This past month, I've been feeling pretty disconnected from Destructoid in general. Day after day, I worked in a warehouse, waking up at 5AM, scanning QR codes, coming home shit tired, and playing some kind of game to take my mind off...


Keep it classy: I love grapplers

[When we discussed the prompt for this month, I knew there was a lot of different choices to pick from. But to start things off, I wanted to bring back one of my favorite blogs I made, nearly two years ago. This is a blog about how muc...


Strider's personal picks for Pokken paid content

Pokken has gone down on record saying it has no plans for DLC and additional characters, but of course that doesn't mean they might decide on DLC down the road. Plus, Sakurai said the same thing early on in Smash's life and now we hav...


Strider's quicktip quickies: Pokken Tournament

Pokken has released to the general audience and I really like in the same way I liked Nether Realms Studios' games since Injustice. Both bring something completely new the fighting game genre: Injustice brought interactable stage items, w...


Waifu wars: the first lady of fighting games

Chun-li has had an interesting history which piques my interest in terms of waifu choice. Street Fighter is after all celebrating its 25th anniversary, and Chun-li has been around a long time to slowly evolve into my choice for this month...


Strider's Quest for PURE PLATINUM: 3rd parties

Welcome back to my quest for PURE PLATINUM, a journey through the discography of Platinum Games' history and beyond. I started my list with arguably the cream of the crop: a gun toting witch with time compression and a rocket sliding Iron M...


Strider's Quest for PURE PLATINUM

One part inspiration from Chris Carter, two parts blooming love of a certain balls to the wall, crazy Japanese development team, 100% pure platinum, I've set myself one hell of a complex goal: play every PlatinumGames title and appreciate...


Late night thoughts: Temmie get the monies

It's been awhile since I just stopped to let everyone know how your friendly neighborhood Strider's been doing. In the context for Striderisms, I try to be general about my life and explore the struggles of life together with you, the fine ...


Undertale: Thoughts from the underground

I've just finished only the second area of Undertale and I find myself with a profound feeling of wonder, accomplishment, awe, and just raw emotion along with some truly worthwhile chuckles. I've only clear what is essentially the second du...


Nobody is talking about Monster Hunter X

I considered talking about this months ago when Monster Hunter X was first announced, but I figured someone would bring it up eventually. It's been months and not a peep asides from your usual quips of uninterest like with most things that...


Challengers wanted: Aggron the immovable object

From deviantart The metagame for Pokemon is extremely large. And as such finding a challenger to battle can lead to any number of varied experiences. Even if you fight against tier hogs who adhere to the strictest idea of playing with tryha...


Let's stay hydrated! My favorite hot levels!

Summer for me means an excessive amount of sweating. I've never been good at keeping my composure in the heat, dehydrating within minutes of sweating in response to heat. Working in summer has basically mandated me to carrying around a wat...


Late night thoughts: better with too many hats

Life is always a whirlwind, especially when you have so many hats to put on. Can you imagine Andy Dixon having his family man hat, his work hat (I believe he works at a tech company?), and his Destructoid hat. I'd like to imagine his famil...


Time to pull myself away from Monster Hunter

I'm finally sitting down three months later and 400+ hours in to talk about Monster Hunter. I've talked about smaller aspects of my enjoying it but I have yet to really sit down and really talk shop on Monster Hunter, like one would do in ...


Salutations! This is Strider, AMA

There's a lot of stuff I want to do with what little time I have. I tell myself I'll put my thoughts down and proper and go in-depth with my experiences on Monster Hunter, from low rank to G rank. But that's not happening any time soo...


Nintendo FNF March 13 - Still in it to win it

Have you wondered why I'm doing this on my own personal blog? Where Smurfee is? How they get the little M's on the M&M's? I'm sure those questions will be answered in all due time. But for now, wouldn't you like to race little go-...


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