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oh my god I just bought Fire Emblem: Three Houses last night


Warframe’s Empyrean has fucked me over for the last time, Shovel Knight, you’re up


I had to leave in the middle of a Railjack mission so to get our rewards I told my friends I’d go AFK and they promised when they’re done with my ship, they’d take it back to dry dock.


Railjack is just like piloting a space battleship, only the communicators on your spacesuits don’t work in pubs.


Good to see Promise Nothing, Deliver Less lives on with The Game Awards


TIL Girl’s Frontline waifus are called raifus and I’m beside myself


I’ve finally got time to try doing my own Extra-Life stream this Sunday. I’m thinking either RE2 or DMCV, specifically because the Game Awards can fuck off my dick for their nominations.


Hey you! Yeah, you! You go ahead and enjoy Pokemon Sword and Shield, if that was your plan. I’ll be playing Outer Worlds but playing Sw/Sh ain’t a crime.


This all I can think about when Sakurai described Terry’s power geyser input


I’m live with an experimental D&D livestream for Extra-Life with several Dtoid community members and it’s (not) a shitshow. www.twitch.tv/venturecrow


Tomorrow at 10am pst, I’ll be setting up for an Extra-Life D&D one-shot stream with other Dtoiders from Streamtoid, hopefully starting an hour later. Tune into www.twitch.tv/striderhoang!


As a DM, I came close to knocking all the blood out of my table’s bard


Promare was an awesome movie all about Trigger


I hunted Vaal Hazak in Master Rank and thought, “Where’s gamemaniac now?” and oh yeah he’s at grad school now


Iceborne isn’t out yet but I got on to see the small Squad upgrades. Since Qalamari is basically the only other Hunter with an unlocked Hunter Rank he’s a sub-leader. If anyone else wants to join Palico Patrol and expand the ranks, we can hunt togethe


I haven’t managed to post anything to qtoid because the last fees I got glitched out and figured it wasn’t a big deal but, keep it today everyone!


Samurai Shodown patch 1.11 is crazy: universal footspeed buff, universal issen buff, reversal DP across the board nerfed, Kyoshiro, Shiki, Wu, Darli are straight up reworked and improved, Yoshi has less jump H shenanigans, get fucked Genjuro.


I’m back in SFV how in did this happen?


What was your favorite moment of EVO 2019? Mine was Kazunoko going absolutely King Crimson all over JWong, deflecting him more times in 20 minutes than the entire playerbase since launch.


Absolute genius on twitter titled this: “SonicFox versus GO1”


Part 5 Golden Wind is officially over. Which Stand was your favorite? Mine’s either White Album overall or Notorious B.I.G. for sheer concept.


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