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Streaming some Arena quests because sometimes less is more


The bad news is they took my Saturday shift. The good news is that my wife wanted to go whale watching Saturday anyways, so I’ll just use these vacation hours I’m not using to recoup my hours for the week. Retail blows man.


I got myself the best birthday diabetes ever on Sunday.


Streaming some hunting horn now. Let me play you the song of my people.


My aesthetic is mainstream monster hunter memes


Shout out to Gamemaniac3433 for fun hunts on Nergigante, Kirin, and how ornery my wife can be


I’m not sure how this scales on qtoid, but meet my favorite flying wyvern, Ukanlos.


I just realized I never shared my personal best time on Nergigante


I’m going live in a few moments to showcase my armor loadouts and then farm Teostra a little bit!


Two things I want take care of this week is live-stream a quick wardrobe demonstration of the armor sets I’ve compiled in MonHun and round up the guild cards of everyone in the squad for a post of circle jerking


I already made a cblog but I forgot to ask, I really wanted to ask if World is your first Monster Hunter and if not, what was your first Monster Hunter game and what weapon you started with.


NeoTurbo’s blog on video game shotguns makes me want to craft Nergigante’s heavy bowgun and just invest in a giant shotgun build. What’s better in nature then walking up to a monster to put an enormous shotgun down their mouth?


Maybe I need a break from Monster Hunter. // “Have you heard of guardgunning?” // NO! TELL ME MORE!


I did it. I did stuff. Now back to Monster Hunter.


In an attempt to deflect concerns that I play too much Monster Hunter, here’s a pic of my new guinea pigs


I got my first great decorations from tempered elder dragons: a heroic streamstone for augmenting weapons, evade extender, and critical eye.


I triple carted while helping Lemon Buster and Fenriff do the HR49 Kirin quest. You’re never too cool to get paralyzed, then stunned, then struck by lightning in quick succession.


What armor are you hunters wearing? My fav is the Teo/Rath mixed set because affinity builds with sharpness are fun.


Today’s the day I break the cap on my hunter rank 49 cap and hit the tempered monsters


Went on a walk with the wife, came home with a guinea pig


What is your favorite weapon model so far hunters? I like that Fire and Ice returned but I love the Odogaron DB, Sin, basically a pair of kusarigamas! Also working on the Decimator Claws, which are the Nergigante DB that look like the old Gore gauntlets.


Still more I want to do, even after uncapping my hunter rank to 29, rolling the credits, and 100 hours of game time. Next come new end game armor builds, tempered monsters, and who know what else after HR49!


NeoTurbo helped me fight Vaal Hazak after telling me to bring Nulberries but this is a game changer.


I’m about to go live on twitch to fight the elder dragons in their assigned quests, blind. Hopefully they haven’t changed too much from 4U and Generations. Link in the comments!


Is Monster Hunter mainstream now? You can rent it at redbox now. Also how is Dragonball FighterZ not at redbox?


btw if you want to join Dtoid’s Palico Patrol squad, I suggest adding striderhoang on psn and adjusting your settings to allow friends to join your session. I can drop by people’s games and invite them without much trouble.


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