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Nioh 2’s Alpha Demo so far is more Nioh but expanded with new ideas and rebalanced skill trees. Dual blades and kusarigama are gone in favor of dual hatchets, whose main gimmick is fucking throwing them.


Speaking on the last community post I wrote, I’m the kind of consumer who is surprised at the number of people who pretty much wisened up and want to wait for MK11 “Komplete”


I haven’t worn my watch to bed to track sleep since March and no wonder my work week deteriorates, I lose about an hour every night.


What did everyone think of the Monster Hunter Iceborne trailer and overview?


I’m about to boot up Monster Hunter World again and get hurt by AT Nergigante as the last major content before Iceborne


How have you been liking MK11 so far? Kristina blows sound cool, rewarding playstyles with damage or combos. But it’s an NR Studios game so they reward keepaway highly right?


Happy birthday Micheal Torch, the guy who got me Thunderbolt because he knew I’d appreciate it


30 minutes into my first time with Valhalla on Switch and I can tell I’m gonna latch onto characters like Ace Attorney.


So it’s been a few weeks since Sekiro came out. How hard did you find it in comparison to other games of its ilk? I don’t think it’s any harder or easier, just different, and more linear in progression too.


I can’t believe Attack on Titan’s S3 part 2 OP is just, “Yeah yeah, OP1 was the shit.”


I can finally use the Internet again after seeing Endgame


My strategy until Endgame is no media except 100% anime. Anime won’t spoil Endgame.


Every time I see season 2 Genos’ ugly new metal parts for One Punch Man


Every timeI hear steel clash in Sekiro I get hyped


Out of curiosity, how many times did you die to your first Shinobi Hunter?


Well that gatekeeper from Sekiro’s first 10 minutes of gameplay was simple enough, so I gotta keep going for that real FromSoft difficulty.


It’s all fun and games in Bloody Palace until a Fury shows up


Hey if you want to hear something personal check the comments


Out of all my tweets describing D&D last night, this one probably summarizes it best


How’s the Warframe gang liking Nightwave or Buried Debts?


*listens to a podcast of Canadians describing their branch of armed forces*


What’s your favorite move so far in DMCV? Mine is probably Cavalier’s Braking or Redline: either crush them beneath huge chainsaw clubs or run them over with a high speed charge.


Playing Dante in DMCV with all his options available is like being on Whose Line Is It Anyway with randomly selected props to improv with.


I said it before and I’ll say it again, the RE Engine is goddamn amazing


I got a girl’s number because we play Diablo 3 together


Pokémon Swordmaster/Pokémon Royal Guard


I feel like someone took a dead animal to a pawn shop and asked for it to be stuffed and enchanted.


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