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Three months of D&D

It's been three months since I last left a cblog about what was going on in my life. Things have been hard emotionally, starting over, going cold turkey, cutting a part of my life off in order to move forward. Everyday was a new ball ...


How are you liking Spider-Man, Dtoid?

I wikipedia'd Spider-Man console games and apparently the last major console release was back in 2015 with Amazing Spider-Man 2. Yes, a licensed game to one of the more unlikable series of Spider-Man games, as even the Rami trilogy had...


Knowing when to quit

Since coming down from San Francisco, to Fresno, back to my home of Orance County Southern California, I've been hustling for a job. I hustled for myself, for my marriage, and for my confidence. But today my wife and I came to the con...


Free-to-play: Get in Tenno, you look cool

A couple months ago, I listened to Pat Fucboivin talk about getting into Warframe after sinking hundreds of hours into Monster Hunter World. Thousands of hours of playing Monster Hunter has culminated into Capcom's largest and most am...


Are you excited for God of War? (2018)

God of War was one of the pillars of the Sony PlayStation brand for me. By the end of the trilogy, Kratos was known far and wide as an irredeemable asshole. There's a certain nobility to killing everyone who stands in your path to rev...


So Monster Hunter...

This is my thinly veiled attempt at productivity on the sire as my compulsion tugs at me to farm Teostra for horns and hopefully, gems. I mean, a lot of stuff I want needs Teo stuff, not to mention Anjanath simply refuses to give me h...


Records of D&Dtoid: #1 the auction house

Greetings Dtoiders, and welcome to this recap of this past week's D&Dtoid, now located on Communicord's #tabletop_rpgs. The channel name was repurposed to reinforce that it is for any and all tabletop rpgs, not just Dungeons &...


D&Dtoid Handbook: Player and DM Compendium

Greeting fellow adventurers and tabletop players! This past month, I've been soaking in a lot of role-playing games content the likes of HarmonQuest and Dragons in Places. This new digital age has brought a lot of different kinds of s...


Thank you, from one unicorn to another

When I signed up for Destructoid so many years ago, I was just trying to build a portfolio. My first cblog was a topical reflection on Netflix's price hike I thought I would just integrate myself as casual user and enjoy my time by an...


What are some of your favorite aesthetics?

Around two weeks ago, I got Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite. I like the gameplay, I like the active tags, I like the new combos to discover, but everytime I see some of the terrible textures at play (like Captain America), I just groan. My...


I want one of these weapons in Nioh's last DLC

Nioh's Defiant Honor DLC release this past week and brought alongside it the new tonfa weapon type. When Dragon of the North released a few months ago, I was mostly underwhelmed by the design of the odachi as a whole. On the surface i...


Are you excited for Splatoon 2?

You didn't think we wouldn't go without a new topic of discourse did you? Well, not that EVO is over, we can proceed to truly important things. I can hardly believe it's been three years since the announcement trailer dropped, showing...


About Marcel Hoangone of us since 1:23 PM on 07.09.2011

Local contributor responsible for duties such as engagement, power bombs, cblog promotions, community engagement, and memes. I like fighting games, you scrub.

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