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We are a bunch of retarded chimps, aren't we?

It's been a while since my last c-blog post, mainly because I'm finally working my way through Persona 3. Why is it, that a self proclaimed "hardcore" gaming blog, needs to summarise every review in quadruplicate? - A (well written) re...


And the gamers who play them: J-RPGs

Traditions. This article is all about those widely accepted customs. What better time to discuss this subject than now, with Pascha (or easter, whichever you prefer) impatiently waiting on our collective doorsteps. Japan is a country wh...


Shelving the stories in wonderland

Certainly, this game might already be acient history for some, but I am finally discovering the delights of Super Mario Galaxy. Although I am only halfway through, I feel compelled to write a little something about the storybook sequences...


And the gamers who play them: Casual Gamers

The casual gamer is a mythical creature. A fairy that promises riches and a happily ever after to greedy stockholders. With a swing of its magical Wiimote, the spell will be cast an abundance of wealth will be yours. Who is this casual g...


A converted lurker

Have mercy on me, robot God. For I have committed sins against you. For days on end I visited thou holy website. I drank the water and felt furfilled, without uttering so much as a thank you. You have shown me the light. I was blind, but ...


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