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The Journey and The Destination


I always feel sad when I finish a great book/movie/TV show/game. After spending any amount of time with its characters, their story and their world, if they all were really well done, I will feel sad. If it was really good, I will not want the story to finish. I will want it to continue forever. I will want to keep discovering something new, to know what happens after The End.

I am not a person who appreciate a media by its conclusion. Many will tell about how spectacular the end of a movie is, usually with lots of explosions/surprises/tears. Of course, a great writer/director will always pave the way to an end filled with greatness. But a bad writer/director can still create an memorable ending by compressing all that he/she failed during the course of the story in one, usually shocking, moment near its end. think of M. Night Shyamalan and his infamous twist ends as an example, where most of his movies felt mediocre, but his clever use of the shocking revelation by the end in his first movies got many people believing he was a great director, but when he started over using the same narrative resource over and over again, people didn't fall for the same mirror and smoke tricks again.

What I appreciate is not how a media starts or finishes, but the Journey. What happens between the first and last page is what must draw my attention to it. if the only moment of greatness is reserved for the last chapter/scene, I may remember that moment, but all that happened to that moment will feel even worst because of it. I will feel that all that happened during that Journey was meaningless and that I waste my time with those characters, that world they belong to.

I know many people want to feel satisfied with the Destination. That what they crave is that final moment, the conclusion. But the Destination, for more great it is, is the ending. When you travel to the beach or any place you deem likable, I can understand you don't want to spend time traveling there, but here is the thing. The beach, the likable place, is not the real Destination. The story don't start at you entering in the car and finish with you opening the door at the beach. The pleasant part is the days spent at the beach, at the sea.

The Destination is you returning home, leaving your likable place behind. The Destination is always the part where all ends. Even the best, most uplifting ending means that there will be no more. No new places to discover, people to meet, stories to unfold. If the Journey is awful, the Destination is not a reward, but a relief. If the Journey is awesome, but the Destination is awful, you still have all the great memories of the Journey with you.

Of course, no good thing can last forever. The Journey one day must end. But the most important thing is that you make the Journey pleasant, awesome and enjoyable. Because no matter how great the Destination is, if this Destination is not just the beginning of a new Journey, it means it is an end. Take joy on the Journey, I say. The Destination will inevitable come, but what you want to say there? That you didn't have the Journey you wanted or that you want to Journey again?

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