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My Dream (for a game)


I have a dream for a game. I dream of an action-RPG where the action parts works like Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, but the RPG parts works like Mass Effect. I want to hack and slash my enemies away, but also to meet interesting people and make relevant choices that affect the world I play with. I want difficulty settings that I can change in the middle of the game. I want smart AI enemies who adapt to the circumstances.

Specially if it is Ayane's gameplay.

I want to construct my character from the ground and give him a past. I also want him to use a cool, hi-tech armor, but that gave him special abilities, like hovering, shooting missiles, energy swords and lasers. I want this world to mix magic and tech, with grandiose, breath taking scenarios like a Final Fantasy game, but with a cell-shading, anime-style art like a Level-5 game.

I want a colorful world.

I do not want to be alone. I want the possibility to call two friends to explore with me, something like Demonís Soul mechanic. I start in the central hub and call my friend to go on missions together, no matter which platform they have. But if I am not in the mood, I also wish the ability to go alone.

Shark guns and friends make games better.

I want a soundtrack made by Shoji Meguro, with music I can listen outside the game, but also create the entire needed atmosphere. I want great voice acting like the one we see in Atlus games. I want the ability to see all cutscenes after I finished the game without needing to play all over it again. I want many sidequests where I can know the world and the people living there better.

I want customizable controls to fit my play style and my needs, that I can upgrade my equipment and my character at will, with points I gather by playing and not with and outdated level system. I want a HUD-less game, with all information I need to know in my armor, like Dead Space.

I want an epic, interesting story to suck me in, where I always be interested in what happens next. I want variety in story, not in gameplay. I do not wish to go on stupid stealth missions, pursuit missions in cars or play cards. I want just to go in my action-RPG dream.

I dream one day someone will make this game. What is your dreamís game?
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