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Tales of Etrian Odyssey

So my story starts out on the 20th floor of the labyrinth. I cleared all of the F.O.E's and was heading towards the boss. After about 5-10min, I made easy work of Iwaopeln. After that I felt a great weight lifted off of my shoulders. After sitting through the cut scene, I go back to Etria, rest and save my game Then I come across a hidden path that wasn't there before, and a leading to the new stratum, the first thing that came to my mind was 'YES!!!'

As I'm fighting the new enemies and F.O.E.'s in this stratum, I felt as if they weren't much of a challenge. I breezed through all of my fights in about 2-3 turns. So I took the time to complete the maps of all the floors I was on in that stratum(21-24) and do a bunch of quests. I didn't realize the second elevator took me to the 25th floor, and I completely blew it off. So after completing my map I head back to Etria to sleep, pick up a warp wire and head back to the Labyrinth.

When I get back in I decide to see what's so different about the other elevator, and I see it only takes me to the 25th floor. I felt like an idiot for missing this, but I took it down anyway. I start fighting on this floor, and it wasn't much of a challenge, just like the previous four floors. As this is the 5th floor of a stratum, I was expecting a boss fight, and as the last boss fight I had wasn't much trouble, I didn't bother going back to town to restock on items or sleep.

I start the fight with Etreant, all of my characters have their boost meter filled, so I activate it with all of my heavy hitters and attack. I dished out a ton of damage, which made me smile. Then, the next turn Etreant used a spell that canceled out all of my attacks, which made me blow precious TP(since I didn't restock properly, I had no TP restoring items, and I used up a good amount of TP on the enemies that I fought). Throughout the fight, we kept going back and forth, my Medic healing everyone while Etreant was dishing out pain to all. I don't remember which turn it was, but we took him down to what looked like 1mm of life left. All of my character, except the Medic, attack with a normal physical attack, and Etreant does an attack that kills everyone, except the Medic, who was defending. The Medic goes to the front row, and I'm panicking cause I didn't want to do all of this again. My medic still had his boost from the begining of the battle. I activate his boost, and attack Etreant. It took a whopping 14pts of damage out of him.....KILLING HIM, which made both me and my brother yell out the same thing 'Oh sh*t.'

I sit back, watch the ending, and save, hoping that there's still more to do. I head back to the 25th floor, back to where the Etreant fight took place, and searched the area to find a path leading to another stratum, which put a huge smile on my face :D
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