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Cha boi is streaming for a teensy bit, this time we're doing shooty-shooty bang bangs with Warzone! https://www.twitch.tv/mamekumaaa


Tonight is the night I start taking some low-grade Lexapro! First pill went terribly, as I had to cut it in half and it turned to dust. Shit was so bitter. Also bitter that I can't have a Saturday night drink since the idea scares me. Here's Barley!


Preorder secured! Super excited to see the Republic Commando love from LRG!


Haven't played the game yet, but still a huge fan of the series! Can't wait to try it!!


Hey ho I'm live at Twitch after 10 thousand years and I'm STILL playing Nioh 2 (DLC)???? Also I got my first vaccine shot??? https://www.twitch.tv/


The Promised Neverland season 1 really is as good as most people say. It's the first anime in years I NEEDED to binge until the end. I will be avoiding Season 2 no question and skipping straight to the manga, I think I can afford $20/year for the app


Computer is UP and RUNNING! No further water I could find inside the tower, and it had a good 1.5 days to dry. I am so relieved I could pop a couple bottles and play games or something


I am in disbelief. Like an idiot, I left my water bottle in my room with the new kitten, who knocked it over last night where it fell PERFECTLY in the cord hole in my Ikea desk. Of course I have a top fan on my tower. Everything is drying currently...


Shadowbringers has no right to be this fucking good. And I'm only done with 5.0! This game can be forever long, but once you hit those story beats and the music swells, it wells up emotion in me I haven't felt from a game in years. I fucking adore FFXIV


I've been playing Shadowverse a bit more lately, but I can't tell if I'm too late or not. At least I have history with Hearthstone (another I've been getting back into), so picking up an old deck was easy. So far though, both are fun and polished


I got my results today, and apparently no ADD/ADHD! But, I have "clinically significant" mood disorder, depression, and anxiety. I dunno how confident I am in the final results, but I have a phone appointment with a perscriber(?) on 04/16! MENTAL HEALTH!


Ah, that reminds me, I need to charge and jailbreak my Vita soon. RIP to one of the best, most criminally underrated and under-developed system of all time. Thanks Jim!


The story of Nioh 2 has grown on my considerably (thanks in part to the Netflix Age of Samurai documentary), then I geeked the FUCK out at the ending. What an amazing, personal tale Nioh 2 is. GOTY (for PC) so far in 2021. Now on to the DLC!


With all the things going on this world, we felt we needed a third cat. Dtoid, please meet our sweet new baby boy, Barley.


I've done my third skill reset (mainly for achievements), and I've fallen madly in love with the Odachi and Axe. Both hit way harder than they should, especially coming from Dual Blades and Hatchets. Plus I can actually survive quite a few hits!


I'm a fucking idiot and got the Tetanus shot at my physical last week, thus forcing me to get the COVID vaccine at minimum 14 days from last Friday. BUT! I was able to find a location in Indiana on 04/13 for my first dose! FUCK YOU, THIS STRAIN OF COVID!


You know what? I'm into it. I liked what very little I played of the mobile game, so a TCG without microtransactions (I think) sounds pretty wonderful. I love TCGs, but unless I can physically touch the cards I have a hard time committing the F2P ones.


Had my second psyche appointment today, and so far very disappointed. I took a weird reflex test for 20 minutes, filled out 195 True/False questions, then left after paying $250. This feels like a very expensive Buzzfeed quiz


HAPPY BIRTHDAY FAKE PLASTIC TREES AND OOKTAR! I sincerely enjoy seeing what you both publish and contribute. This community wouldn't be the same without you.


Thank you to those that tuned in! It was my first time in a looong time, and the first time with my new dual-monitor set up. Nioh 2 really kicked my ass since my hiatus.


It's been a while friendos, but I'm streaming Nioh 2 for a small bit, just to let you know I've alive and well! It'll be short, come say hiiii https://www.twitch.tv/mamekumaaa


cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool


This is way older than I'd like to remember by now, but goddamn this is the funniest Let's Play of all time


Played the first level of the Magic ARPG beta, and who the hell is this voice actor? This guy is incredibly annoying, and the writing/art direction feels like it's trying to appeal to kids. But, the card-rotating action is okay so far!


Update so I can post it somewhere: My first psyche appointment was Friday, and it was alright. Felt like a repeating Buzzfeed quiz, but I was told this was going to take time, so I'm up for the wait. Also I want this Yasuo chair and I don't play LoL


To steal a phrase: Am drunk, is bueno


Wait... what? Is it just not ready for pre-order, or did I actually miss the boat?


Happy Birthday and RIP to my favorite version of the Blue Bomber


Ya'll, this SSD is has completely changed my computer. Loading times in FFXIV are completely negligible, and boot speeds are faster than I ever thought they could've been. I cannot wait to test this on other games


That was fun live-commenting during the Squeenix stream everyone! It's not going to be a productive day at work, but at least I can have fun with all you amazing folks. It baffles me there was no Final Fantasy nor Dragon Quest in a Square Enix stream


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