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About Mallory Burnsone of us since 1:26 PM on 09.08.2011

I am Mallory Burns. I'm an eighteen year old animation major who desperately longs to move to Seattle to pursue my game design career. But we can't all get what we want, can we? I currently live in Tennessee working two jobs and attending school full time, so my time for this virtual world is becoming more and more skewed. Although gaming is a very important hobby to me, I spend most of my time and money into Magic: The Gathering. I was four when I picked up the controller to my brother's N64 and had been in love and infatuated ever since. My curiousity only grew (and blossomed) when I built my first PC and paid my way into the World of Warcraft. Although I'm a heavily PC gamer, I do own a 360 and occasionally use it to play Elder Scrolls, Fallout, and most commonly the attempt at Street fighter or MvC3. I'm a complete Bethesda and Valve fangirl, and maybe one day I'll be in one of their offices.