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Wie Gehts!!!!!!

Hello I have come back from gamescom, and me being me, I sat next to Pew and asked do you mind If I do a blog post about the event. He said in his beautiful voice sure....I don�t see why not. This was good and bad, good because Pew is amazi...


10 games I would like to have remade

10. Dead ball Zone I would love for this game to be remade with higher quality textures and great new features. This was one of my first games for the PS1, and boy did I love it. I hated conventional football games, they didn�t interest me ...



Hello I am Roy this is an introduction blog, so if you don�t want to know who I am then exit now. I plan to actually write some blogs, but because of my lack of �Basic English� the writing will be terrible, oh and the spelling/grammar wil...


About Malcorone of us since 2:24 PM on 11.01.2009

Well who the heck am I?

I am Roy, this is me...

Sorry that is one of my most gayest photos ever. Not that I am saying there is anything wrong with being gay, my mum is gay (no joke).

Anyway (side tracked) I am a stupid student lame-O, which love a hell of a lot of strange things, nothing really normal, well it is normal just everyone else is weird!

So the best way to describe myself is to let you know the things I like...So here goes...

Video Games
Animating (doing it myself)
Making Music
Intellectual Debates
Building anything from visually too geeky
Watching episodes of series
Films.....Love Films can not stress enough on films!
Working behind a bar and in a kitchen (weirdly enough)
Talking about my piercings (there is not that many actually, only three)
Video Editing all of that stuff like CGI
Making people laugh, laughter is great, and I try my hardest to make a joke
Females, I love females, all females do not care, most men are horrible

and probably some other stuff but can not remember right now.

I started going on IRC destructoid because of one of my friends, then I had the pleasure of meeting some great people down at the London Eurogamer Expo 09, now I actually know what destructoid is (and not just the one on IRC).

With regards to video games, I hate them!!!!

or not really, I love video games, especcially the classics I used to play when I was growing up on my sega mega drive, the first every Gameboy, PS 1 and my old old old Windows for Working groups PC that ran on DoS and windows had to be booted from DoS. So I had a few DoS games as well, but anyway like I was saying, Games are just great, there relaxing more than anything, unless they do not work...of course! I would say I am very open when it comes to games, I will give any game a go, despite having a PS3 at the moment. Even know I have found to be a bit bias when its squeals or re-makes of games I played as a child, good example of that is Final Fantasy, I would probably really enjoy them, but because of a bad experience I had as a child, It has put me off!

Anyway, that is enough about me, I do not know if I will write any bloggs, or do anything much on the website, but I may attempt and quickly be shot down.

I am always on skype so add me and I'll chat royston.malcomber