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Why do I get mad about Games?

I have always been a huge James Rolfe (AVGN) fan and he is my biggest inspiration. Yet I never understood how someone could get so mad about video games. Of course, the majority of his anger is just a show but behind every angry review...


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Ahoy! My name is Paul and I am a live stage technician in a music venue in Hamburg Germany. If I am not working I spend my time playing all sorts of video games no matter if Retro or New. As long as I can spend my hours on it it´s my game. Otherwise I am hosting a small retro convention here in Hamburg

My preferred fields are Arcade games (Fighting Games or Shoot Em Ups) and MMORPGs (WoW) or RTS games. I am also aiming to become a streamer and a badass cook.

And of course I would love to get into writing about games and reviewing them my personal way.