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Wily defeated again!!

Well just a short'ish simple post

I defeated that sod again on megaman 9 finally.
First time round that jello bastard managed to use all my lives figuring its attack pattern leaving me weak to the boss roulette before wily, Unfortunatly concrete man owned me with me not having my laser trident,

Second time round...Using the concrete gun to get me past the water spikes i managed to also snag a 2nd Mystery Tank....With this the robot masters got wiped (I got The acheivement for raping Plug man in 7 seconds preety much)
Wily was suprisingly easy....Managed to do it with just using the second M tank =]
I beleive it was Gibbo who gets thanks for opening my eyes to using concrete gun outside of the box, it helped make platforms in that spiked water section =D

3.56.59 not bad timing imo, most of it was just that damn spiked swinging platform bit at the end of jewlemans stage where the exits under the damn platform, managed to do it without a spike foot power up eventually =]
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