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Spicy take: DOOM 2016 is just OK. Not bad. Not great. It's a weird double standard for me but without the charm of the sprite-based graphics I just expect more from a shooter's level design and storytelling. Brutal Doom though, that's my jam.


Happy New Year! I've been with Dtoid 3 years now and hope for many more.


Late to the party, but finished Pokemon Sword. Good game. Made me care about Pokemon for the first time outside of the Kanto region. More thoughts in comments.


I think episode 6 of The Mandalorian has easily been the best of the entire season so far. Great chemistry and interaction between all the characters with lots of fun twists and turns.


I came for Reggie and wasn't disappointed. The Xbox just needed to shorten the height a little bit so they could call it the GameCube.


Caught up with RWBY Volume 7. Bumblebee is all but confirmed at this point. Pleasant surprise to see Shantae actress Cristina Vee get a role. And Penny is once again proving she is Best Robot Girl of All Time.


It's December bois! Time to relinquish the last vestiges of resistance and submit to the padoru.


Yer a good dude Chris. Enjoy your birthday!


Happy Halloween! Hope y'all had a good one.


Lookie what finally arrived in the mail today! Can't wait to play.


Replaying Super Mario 3D World in Cemu. Still an amazing game (that needs to get ported to Switch ASAP). I forgot how many catchy tunes it has too!


My, your teeth have grown so quickly, and it's only your first birthday Bowsette!


Monster Girl Monday! Bonus coming Thursday.


Soon all of Whitemane shall learn to fear the name... Poofie. :o


And now for my second pro as heck guide to Classic WoW: how to play a paladin.


How to properly play a hunter in Classic WoW.


For all you Alliance players out there, you can join me and my night elf waifu on the Whitemane server if you plan to do name reservations today.


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