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Metroid Dread done, clear time 7:39. Overall it was a great time, the ending was cool. Unfortunately I did have some growing pains with it towards the end though. Full wall of text in the comments.


General thoughts on Dread so far: it's a huge improvement over Samus Returns. MercurySteam clearly learned a lot. The environments and music could still use better atmosphere, but the gameplay is very on-point and I'm loving the EMMI sections.


I was nervous going through the big line at GameStop for this. Thought for sure they'd be out by the time they got to me, but there were 2 copies left. Lez gooooo


Finished replays of Zero Mission, AM2R, Super, Fusion, Prime 1, Prime 3, and Other M in my anticipation of Dread. Didn't have time to finish Prime 2 and Samus Returns but I'm OK with that. Now I just gotta wait until tomorrow morning...


I'm not impatient! You're impatient!


It can be pretty trendy to hate on League nowadays but this honestly looks pretty stylish and cool. I hope it turns out well.


Capcom, my proposal: hire this man FFS.


Finally finished Metroid Prime 3 after sitting on it for 10 years. It was... a thing. I'm going back and checking out the first two games with the motion controls as well. Surprisingly the controls are working for me just as well as in Prime 3. I like it.


Welp, certain complaints with the animation notwithstanding, Hathaway's Flash was a good slow burn. Much better than Narrative turned out to be. Looking forward to the next movie.


Got my new desktop. It's gonna be a hard wait for me the next few months...


The Squenix marketing team unintentionally did their jobs because the only two things that keep popping into my head after this E3 are Metroid Dread and killing chaos. Honestly it's so bad that it's good in a Megaman X4 way. They should just lean into it.


Welp bois we finally have a sequel to Metroid Fusion 11/10 best E3 of all-times pack your bags and go home.


I recently found out that Kena was made by the same dudes behind that beautiful Majora's Mask fan cinematic on YouTube. Explains a lot; the more I hear and see of this game I continue to be impressed.


The new Ratchet and Clank game looks fun. Too bad I have no means of playing it. Seeing how technically impressive it looks, it really makes me wish I could see what a new Jak and Daxter game could look like from Naughty Dog...


Finally wrapped up Castlevania season 4. Honestly, I was disappointed. A lot of arcs felt rushed and concluded haphazardly. It's clear they really intended this material to be at least 2 more seasons longer than it actually was.


So it turns out that basically everything that isn't exclusively a native Series X/S title has some form of online DRM/dependency attached to it, including cross-gen Smart Delivery titles. So much for all that talk about game preservation. Of course MS.


So there were some changes to the upcoming Mass Effect LE that I wasn't too keen about, and decided to see how the fans handled remastering as a chance to compare. So far pretty impressed with the modding scene for this game.


All the cool kids were doing it so I got roped in again. There were some spicier takes I could have gone for but I decided to tone it down this time...


Coming up with the categories is more fun than actually ranking the games themselves. Anyways I regret nothing! kekekek


Late to the party but there it is.


For all the dunking on Sword/Shield's visuals I saw way back when, frankly everything that was showcased in the recent presentation looked far worse, the only exception being Snap. As the highest grossing media franchise in the world, it's inexcusable.


Bowser's Fury got me thinking it would be cool to see a Mario game in the vein of Kirby Superstar where you have a collection of bite-sized campaigns and mini-games that all experiment with different ideas with radically different themes.


May you all enjoy this day to your heart's content.


So I started RE4 recently as my first Resident Evil game, and it is also my first introduction to the survival horror genre in general. Not a bad start so far. Also I'm long overdue for another Monster Girl Monday so here you go.


3D World was a blast and I'm so ready to jump back into it with Bowser's Fury. Hopefully it's a worthwhile expansion.


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