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Anticipating Death stranding


Death stranding

The most anticipated game of mine is Death stranding. Hope we can see this game in late 2019 or at least 2020 and play it on  console
 There are a lot of suggestion and opinions about the new project of a talented developer of cult video games on the Internet. What exactly is this project?

Hideo Kojima really knows how to play on the feelings of the players and fans, so he releases the most ambiguous trailers, not only to not reveal the plot of the project, but rather to warm interest and create some kind of hip play that will benefit both on sales. According to available data today it is very difficult to say what kind of game is created in the studio of a Japanese developer.
As Kojima says, Death Stranding is closest to shooter shooters - if you like shooters, you will get comfortable with this game without any problems. Nevertheless, a new depth awaits you, which you probably have not seen before. Very often, attention is focused on the fact that we are waiting for a brand new gameplay.

What games are you waiting for? The best choices of yours?)


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